Kinetic Anatomy practice

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  1. Most movement occurs in which plane?
  2. Foundational movement in the Frontal plane
    Abduction Adduction
  3. muscle that is the prime mover
  4. Junction Between two or more bones forming a joint
  5. _____- refers to a structure that is father away from midline
  6. The point of intersection of all three cardinal planes
    Center of gravity
  7. In what direction does center of gravity shift if you carry a 50ilbs weight
    down or forward
  8. Movement of the shoulder joint to occur in sagital plane what joint action must take place
    Flexion and extension
  9. Which part of Deltoids muscle is involved only in shoulder joint abduction
    entire deltoid
  10. The primary movement of the shoulder gridle produced by contraction of rhombodies
    adduct scapula
  11. Articulation of the clavicle and scapula
    bones of thorax sternoclavical joint
  12. the primary of external rotators of the shoulder
    teres minor or rotator cuff
  13. Which of the following is not a bone of the shoulder
    Internal rotation
  14. Movement of the shoulder griddle by pec minor is
    downward rotation
  15. Muscle action posterior shoulder griddle is
    downward rotation adduction
  16. muscle of the _______ are antagonistic of the interior muscle of shoulder joint
    pec major
  17. Which of the following of posterior muscle act on both shoulder girdle and spinal column
  18. What is not a fundamental movement of vertebrate column
    flexion extension lateral flexion and rotation
  19. running from pelvic bone to rib which of the following is most likely to be a flexor for lumbar spine
    rectus abdominis
  20. bending sideways from spinal column
  21. Based on knowledge of kinetic antomy which primary actions rowing volleyball fencing football
    latimus dorsi
  22. arm wrestling occurs in what plane
    frontal plane
  23. swinging a bat occurs in what plane
  24. What is the ball of the ball and socket joint
    head of hummerous
  25. Important function of rotators cuff muscle
    generate force for throwing and breaking
  26. which rotator cuff muscle assist with shoulder flexion
  27. which muscle group provides primarly antagionist shoulder actions
    posterior shoulder joint
  28. adduction of the shoulder griddle is more accurately referred as
    medial tilt or downward rotation
  29. when performing a front squat with weight on anterior deltoids the direction of center of gravity would be
  30. flexion on ankle joint i refered as
    planter and dorsiflexion
  31. food server might likely produce what symptom of spine
  32. Movement of shoulder past extension
  33. head of humerus can best be seen in what anatomical position
    anterior or frontal
  34. to access in what direction muscle contracts its helpful to know
    movement of bones
  35. one way a muscle is named is
    action is form
  36. the rhomboid muscles help elevate scapula as well as rotate it to produce what movement
  37. excessive lateral cuverature of spine
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