Los Jeans Vocab

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  1. una par de jeans
    a pair of jeans
  2. una muchacha
    a girl
  3. un amigo generoso
    a generous friend
  4. esta triste
    is sad
  5. yo los quero tener
    I want to have them
  6. sabe que
    knows that
  7. muchas otras cosas
    many other things
  8. llega a
    arrives at
  9. ahora hi los tienes tambien
    now you have them also
  10. le da la mono
    he gives a handshake to her
  11. le dice
    he says to her
  12. le dicen
    they say to him
  13. es verdad
    it's true
  14. muchas gracias
    thanks very much
  15. entances
  16. toma los jeans
    takes the jeans
  17. se los da a su perro
    she gives them to her dog
  18. si quieres un perro, yo te lo day
    if you want a dog, I will give it to you
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