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  1. Who is the DCA?
    LCDR Payne
  2. Who is the DCO?
    CDR Krinklaw
  3. Who is the fire marshal?
    LT Sales
  4. Who is the Strike Ops Officer?
    CDR Goff
  5. Who is the OPS-O?
    CDR Young
  6. Who is the air ops officer?
    CDR Marushich (Mah-rue-sich)
  7. Who is the CDC-O?
    CDR Kennedy
  8. Who is the SUPPO?
    CDR Debord
  9. Who is the Reactor Officer?
    CAPT Bieraugel
  10. Who is the ARO?
    CDR Chambers
  11. Who is the CO?
    CAPT K. D. Whalen
  12. Who is the XO?
    CAPT W. M. Slaughter
  13. Who is the CMC?
    CMDCM Jeffrey Pickering
  14. Who is the sailor of the year?
    ABH1 Clifton
  15. Who is the JR Sailor of the year?
    AO2 Ceaser
  16. Who is the BJOY?
    ABF3 Wilson
  17. Who is the SAPR?
    YNC Rush
  18. Who is the command financial specialist?
    EMC Hull
  19. Who is the command Chaplin?
    CDR Duesenberry
  20. Who is the command career counselor?
    • NCCM Lemas
    • NCC Perry
    • NC1 Hernandez
  21. Who is the command SARP?
    DCC Pizinger
  22. Who is the DAPA?
    MMC Freeman
  23. Who is the command CMEO?
    LSC Dasher
  24. Who is the commander in chief?
    Barack Obama
  25. Who is the vice president?
    Joseph Biden
  26. Who is the Secretary of Defense?
    Chuck Hagel
  27. Who is the Secretary of the Navy?
    Ray Mabus
  28. Who is the Chief of Staff?
    CAPT Robert Sanders
  29. Who is the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
    General Martin Dempsey
  30. Who is the CNO
    Admiral Greenert
  31. Who is the MCPON?
    Michael Stevens
  32. Who is CSG-1 (the admiral in charge of carrier strike group 1)?
    Rear Admiral Grady
  33. Who is the CNAF?
    Vice Admiral Buss
  34. Who is the SMO?
    CDR Orsello
  35. Who is the ATWO?
    • MAC Watson
    • [This guy will likely be giving your final board and will ask you his own position. If you don't tell him it's him, he'll fail you for SEC on the spot]
  36. Who is the ATO?
    LT King
  37. Who is the 3MO?
    LT Palmer
  38. Who is the 3MC?
    MCCS Laforenza

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