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  1. What is the Fire Control Radar, its range, and product?
    SPQ-9B, 80 nautical miles, 2D picture(Replaced the TAS radar)
  2. What does CIWS stand for, what is it's firing capabilities, and what ammo does it use?
    Close-In Weapon System; 4500 rounds per minute for air targets, 3000 rounds per minute for surface targets, drum capacity is 1550 rounds, each made of heavy metal tungsten (previously used depleted uranium)
  3. What is WQC-2A for and what is it also known as?
    underwater telephone system, used to communicate with submarines, aka Gertrude
  4. What is the purpose, range, and product of the SPS-48?
    • Primary Air Search radar
    • 220 nautical miles
    • 3D air search
  5. What is the purpose, range, and product of the SPS-49?
    • Secondary Air Search radar
    • 256 nautical miles
    • 2D air search
  6. What is the purpose, range, and product of the SPS-67?
    • Primary Surface Search
    • 100 nautical miles
    • 2D surface search
  7. What is the purpose, range, and product of the SPS-73?
    • Secondary Surface Search
    • 96 nautical miles
    • 2D navigation
  8. What is WSN-7, what does it do, and where is it?
    • RLGN - ring laser gyro navigator
    • Provides ships position data, including pitch and roll data
    • Located in fore and aft IC
  9. What is the purpose and range of the SPS-74?
    • Periscope
    • 32 nautical miles
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