Industry Terminology

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  1. 3PL
    Third Part Logistics; Outsourced provider that manages all or a significant part of an organ. logistics requirements; Freight Broker
  2. Accessorials
    Special services provided by the carrier that are available for an additional fee. These charges are not included in the line haul and are always listed separately in the accounting/money screen. Ex: fuel surcharge, driver load/unload
  3. Actual Trucks
    Live available trucks and/or equipment obtained ad uploaded into Optimizer in real time
  4. Air-ride Suspension
    Trailers built to reduce shock from roads traveled in order to secure product safety.
  5. Axle
    • Drive axles: Controlled powered wheels (front or rear wheel)
    • Pusher axles: Un-powered and go ahead of drive axles
    • Rear axles: May be drive, tag or pusher axles
    • Tag axles: Un-powered axles behind drive
  6. Back Solicitation
    Cannot have a carrier do the same work for a customer they already have for less money; must sign agreement
  7. Backhaul
    Return trip of a vehicle from the original destination point back to the home base of the carrier or driver. Helps carrier get home without having to go home empty.
  8. Bill of Lading (BOL FTL)
    Not required for FTL (unlike LTL); Solely provides Load Details
  9. Bill of Lading (BOL LTL)
    Transpo doc that is contract of carriage containing the terms and conditions and b/w the shipper and carrier. Required for LTL shipments; Shipper must give the BOL to the driver at pick up; States the Bill To
  10. Bill of Lading Number
    The number assigned by the carrier to identify the bill of lading
  11. Billing
    Carrier terminal activity that determines the proper rate and total charges for a shipment and issues a freight bill
  12. Blind Shipment
    Client requests that the shipper and consignee do not know about each other. Client who requests a blind load is a middleman. Shipper is supplier and consignee is the customer.
  13. Block
    Group of rail cars destined to the same location
  14. Blocking
    Securing freight in a container to ensure minimal movement or shifting during transit. Using blocks of wood to secure productions.
  15. Blocking and Bracing
    Wood or metal or other approved supports to keep product in place
  16. Bobtailing
    Operating a tractor unity with no trailer attached
  17. Bracing
    Securing items inside a vehicle to prevent damage
  18. Broker / Freight Broker
    Outside company that brings shippers in need or transpo and carriers looking for backhaul
  19. Broker Carrier Agreement
    Broker and Carrier terms and conditions of working together
  20. Bulk Freight
    Freight that is not packaged or containerized. Freight normally hauled via tanker trucks.
  21. Cargo Weight
    Combined weight of all loads, gear and supplies on a vehicle
  22. Carrier
    firm that tranpos goods or people via land, sea, or air
  23. Carrier411
    Website used to check the safety ratings of a carrier
  24. Claim
    charge made against a carrier for loss, damage or overcharge
  25. Classification
    alphabetical listing of commodities, the class or rating into which the commodities place, and the minimum weight necessary for the rate discount; used in the class rate structure
  26. Collect payment (collect on delivery)
    Shipment wherein delivering carrier receives payment for freight charges of advances from the consignee. Seller owns freight until payment from buyer is collected.
  27. Comcheck
    Clack check that can be cashed at a truck stop used for truckload accessorials (ex. fuel advances)
  28. Commercial Invoice
    Official Doc with name address of buyer and seller, product, and value for customs/insurance
  29. Common Authority
    Approved general carrier transporting commodities
  30. Common carrier
    Transpo available to the public that does not provide special treatment to anyone party and is regulated as to the rates charged, liability assumed, and service provided
  31. Conestoga
    Flatbed with soft covering over it
  32. Consignee
    Receiver of freight shipment
  33. Consignor
    Sender of a freight shipment (seller)
  34. Construction Site
    Delivery to on-going construction project
  35. Container
    standard-sized rectangular box for intermodal transpo
  36. Container on Flat Car
    Transpo on railroad flat cars (intermodal)
  37. Contractual Business
    Contractual Business arrangement b/w manufacturer and dealer
  38. Courier
    person or company who delivers messages, packages, and mail
  39. Cross Dock
    Warehouse operation that involves moving goods between different trucks to consolidate loads w/o intermediate storage (cross-docking reduces distribution costs)
  40. Cubage Cubic Capacity
    Carrying capacity (inside dimensions) of a piece of equipment according to measurement in cubic feet (length x width x height)
  41. Customs
    authorities designed to collect duties levied by a country on imports and exports
  42. Customs Broker
    Firm that reps importers/exporters in dealings with customs. Take care of all docs to clear customs.
  43. Customs Clearance
    Act of obtaining permission to import merch from another country
  44. Customs Value
    Value of the imported goods on which duties will be assessed
  45. CWT Pricing
    Rates based on the container weight
  46. Czarlite
    Industry standard LTL pricing based on a specific year
  47. Deadhead
    Miles a driver moves empty without a shipment (next pick up location)
  48. Declared Value for Carriage
    Value of goods, declared by the shipper on the bill of lading, for the purpose of determining a freight rate
  49. Dedicated Run
    regular run/lane that usually goes to the same place on nearly same schedule
  50. Delivery Order # (D.O.#)
    reference number that corresponds with a load
  51. Demurrage
    carrier charges and fees applied when rail freight cars and ships are retained beyond a specified loading or unloading time
  52. Deregulation
    when gov't reduces its role and allows industry greater freedom in how it operates
  53. Detention
    Vehicles stopped for loading or unloading after the designated free time. 2 hrs for loading and 2 hrs for unloading. Charges incur after 2 hr periods
  54. Dispatching
    scheduling and control of truck pickup and delivery. CMUN with drivers by any means
  55. Distribution Center
    Warehouse that holds inventory
  56. Distributor
    Does not manufacture own products, but purchases then resells. Wholesales.
  57. Door to Door
    Or drayage. From customers dock to receivers dock.
  58. Door to Door (International)
    Transpo of goods from consignor to consignee
  59. Door to Port
    transpo service from consignor to port of importation
  60. Door to Ramp
    Movement from customers dock to destination intermodal ramp closest to receiver
  61. DOT
    Department of Transpo
  62. Doubles (Twins, Twin Trailers)
    Tract and two semi-trailers connected in tandem by converter dolly
  63. Double Dropdeck
    Flatbed with the lowest deck. Normally used for oversize/overweight loads
  64. Double Stack
    Stacking one container on another on rail cars
  65. Drayage (international)
    Service offered by motor carrier for pick-up and delivery of ocean containers or rail containers
  66. Draymen
    person employed to pick up or drop off a container or trailer at an intermodal terminal
  67. Drive Axle
    legal axle weight 34k lbs.
  68. Driver Assist
    Drayman assists in loading/unloading of container/trailer
  69. Drop
    trailer or boxcar is left at facility in which it is to be loaded or unloaded
  70. Drop and Hook
    Driver drops empty trailer at shipper and hooks a loaded one
  71. Dropdeck
    flatbed with lowered deck, trailer attaches to 5th wheel
  72. Dry goods
    textile fabrics and related merchandise
  73. Dry Van
    simple, enclosed non-climate controlled rectangular trailer that carries general cargo
  74. Dunnage
    packing material used to protect product from damage during transpo
  75. Duty
    tax imposed by gov't on merchandise imported from another country
  76. Duty Free Zone
    area where goods/cargo can be stored without paying import custom duties while awaiting transpo
  77. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
    intercompany, computer to computer transmission of business info in a standard format. consists only of business data
  78. Embargo
    prohibition upon exports and imports, either products or countries
  79. Enterprise Clients
    contractual client, 100% of contracted freight, relationship driven
  80. Equipment
    Type of Truckload: includes van, reefer, flatbed, tanker, intermodal, container, specialized, vanreefer
  81. Export
    To ship goods and services out of a port of a country
  82. F (Flat)
    Cost of goods sold (COGs) is in one lump sum
  83. FAK (Freights of all Kinds)
    Windows of classes that are classified at the same class; FAKs are negotiated directly with our providers on a carrier by carrier basis; the purpose of a FAK is to simplify rate-making and reduce errors caused by misclassifying
  84. FCL
    Full container Load
  85. Flatbed
    Flat trailer with no enclosure or doors (does not access for forklifts)
  86. Flatcar
    freight car having a floor w/o any housing or body above - used to carry containers/trailers/oversized - odd shaped commodities
  87. Free Time
    Allotment of time before detention charges start to incur. 2 hrs free from arrival or appointment time
  88. Freezable or Perishable Freight
    Items subject to rapid deterioration or rotting. Type of commodity requires special equipment such as refrigeration or heating
  89. Freight Bill / Broker / 3PL
    Carrier's invoice for payment of transpo services rendered
  90. Freight Payables
    Freight bill in need of payment
  91. Fronthaul
    Headhaul. Picks up load near home and brings to different location for delivery
  92. Full Truckload
    Shipment that utilizes entire space of a trailer
  93. Gooseneck lowboy
    specialized lowered flatbed trailer featuring an arched coupling arm, normally used for oversize loads
  94. Gross weight
    GCW (gross combination weight) total weight of vehicle and the payload of freight or passengers
  95. Guaranteed Freight
    Highered Expectation of a delivery date to be met for a higher cost
  96. HazMat (Dangerous Goods)
    Explosive, poisonous or otherwise potentially dangerous cargo. transpo by specially certified carriers
  97. HOS
    Hours of Service, hours a driver legally allowed to drive in a 24 hr period
  98. Hub and Spoke
    Model for LTL shipments; multiple stopping points and transfer of products throughout transit
  99. HundredWeight (CWT)
    pricing unit used in transpo (equal to 100 lbs)
  100. ICC
    Interstate Commerce Commission
  101. Inbound
    Loads going TO a location
  102. Incoterm
    universally recognized set of definitions of trade terms used to define the contract responsibilities and liabilities between the buyer and seller in international trade
  103. Insurance by Liability
    Cargo and Accident Liability
  104. Intermodal
    Single trailer or container encounters multiple forms of transpo along its route
  105. International
    going to or coming from foreign countries (NOT Mexico or Canada)
  106. JIT (Just in Time)
    (Quick Response) The process of minimizing the times required to source, handle, produce, transpo and deliver products in order to meet client requirements
  107. Lane
    Freight term for route from pick up to destination
  108. Layover
    delay where driver has to stay for extended period of time to unload or load
  109. LCL
    Less than Container Load
  110. LTL - Less than truckload
    shipment does not require the entire space of a truckload trailer
  111. Letter of Authority
    License to engage in operations (interstate and foreign commerce)
  112. Liability by Carrier
    what each carrier is liable for covering in regards to a claim
  113. Lift axle
    air-powered axle
  114. Line Haul
    shipment that moves b/w cities and over distance more than 100 to 150 miles in length. Inter-city portion of trip
  115. Line Item
    specific and unique identifier assigned to product by the responsible enterprise
  116. Linear Feet
    same as regular feet
  117. Linear Feet Rule
    Amount of space you can take up in a trailer
  118. Logbook
    Book carried by truck drivers in which they record their hours of service and duty status for each 24-hr period
  119. Logistics
    management of materials flow through an organization - from raw materials through to finished product. detailed planning and organization of any large complex operation
  120. LTL Tariffs
    Trariff may be either tax on imports of exports (trade tariffs) or a list or schedule of prices
  121. Lumper
    person hired to help load or unload goods at consignee. carriers will request a loading or unloading accessorial to be paid back for fees paid out
  122. M (Mileage)
    COGs determined by a base unit of one mile
  123. MC
    Motor Carrier Number - every carrier and 3PL is assigned a MC. Allows carriers to cross state lines and it allow gov't to track brokers throughout their system
  124. Minimum Density
    Rule applied to a shipment with the following characteristics: freight that occupies 12 linear fee or more of truck space (6-10 pallets); less than or equal to 6 pounds per cubic feet
  125. Minimum Shipment
    shipment weight the carriers tariffs specifies as the min weight required to use the TL or CL rate; the rate discount volume
  126. Net Weight
    Weight Obtained by deducting the weight of the tractor trailer from the total weight of the truck (weight of the goods)
  127. NMFTA
    National Motor Freight Traffic Association - provides expertise in freight classification, packing, and transpo codes
  128. NO Touch
    Load does no require driver to help load or unload
  129. NOI (Not Otherwise Indicated)
    When product does not have a specific designated class it is considered to be an NOI item
  130. Open Board
    Site displaying all loads that need a carrier
  131. Open Deck
  132. Origin
    Starting point
  133. OTR
    Over the Road - driver or carrier who transpos cargo to any place at any time w/o prescribed schedules or routes. Long-Haul OTR involves weeks or months at a time (Canada or Mexico)
  134. Over-axle
    Tractor or trailer exceeded the legal limit governed by DOT
  135. Over-dimensional
    special permits required fro Oversized loads
  136. Over-gross
    tractor, trailer, and loaded freight exceed 80k lbs
  137. Pallet rates
    special rates based on number of pallets shipped
  138. Palletized
    loads that have been placed on pallets
  139. Partail
    Using a full truckload for a shipment slight larger than an LTL; niche market where load is too large/high class for LTL carriers so we move it on a private carrier
  140. Placard
    sign showing type of HazMat loaded in vehicle
  141. PO# (Purchased Order)
    Number a buyer assigns to shipments
  142. Preferred lanes
    desired lanes and specific lane data retrieved by Carrier rep and input into Optimizer
  143. Private Carrier
    carrier that provides transpo service to the firm that owns or leases the vehicles and does not charge a fee
  144. PRO#
    carrier assigned number used to identify a specific shipment in their system
  145. Product ID
    method of identifying a product without using a full description
  146. Proof of Delivery (POD)
    Info supplied by carrier containing name of person that signed shipment, time, date and other necessary info
  147. Pup Trucks
    trailer between 26 feet and 29 feet long that can be used singularly as a delivery trailer in congestion areas
  148. Purchase Order # (PO#)
    the physical form or electronic transaction a buyer uses when placing an order for merchandise
  149. Rate Confirmation
    Transpo doc that is the contract of carriage containing the rate and terms and conditions between Echo and the carrier (required for FTL shipments)
  150. Reconsignment
    customer changes the name and location of the consignee after the shipment has reached its originally billed destination and paying the through rate from origin to final destination
  151. Reefer
    refrigerated vehicles
  152. Regulation
    administrative legislation that constitutes or constrains rights and allocates responsibilities; with these limitations, regulation became a substitution for competition
  153. Regulatory agencies
    or regulator - public authority or gov't responsible for exercising authority over some area of human activity
  154. Roll Up Doors
    Doors to open the back of a truck; open to 104"; do not seal
  155. Rule of 6's
    More than 6 standard pallets, more than 6,000lbs, less than density of 6
    Website used to check safety ratings of a carrier
  157. SCAC
    Standard Carrier Alpha Code - unique two-to-four letter code used to identify transpo companies
  158. Seasonality
    consistent time during a year when certain commodities are produced at higher volume than average
  159. Shipper Order # (SO#)
    Reference number that corresponds with a load by the party that tenders goods for transpo
  160. Sidekit
    flatbed with specially fitted side plates and curved ribs supporting a tarp covering commonly referred to as a "side kit"
  161. Skid
    platform which cartons are stacked on and then used for shipment or movement as a group
  162. Sleeper bunk
    sleeping compartment mounted behind truck cab
  163. Sliding 5th wheel
    allows redistribution of weight between the tractor's drive and steer axle; keeps axle loadings legal to avoid fines for overweight
  164. Sourcing
    act of searching for a truckload carrier to move a shipment
  165. Specialized loads
    extenuating load requirements are specialized; ex over dimensional, HazMat
  166. Spot
    Common Carriers/LTL carriers provide volume quotes or spot quotes for anything over 10000#
  167. Standard loads
    van, reefer, or flatbeds with one pick and one drop
  168. Steer axle
    Axle that directs control of the vehicle
  169. Stop off
    any stop exceeding typically one pick up and one destination
  170. Storage
    holding of loaded equipment outside of the normally allotted transit time
  171. Supply Chain
    system of organizations, people, technology, activities, info, and resources
  172. Swing doors
    doors to open the back of the truck; Open to 110"; allow for taller products and to keep them safe from dust, rain, snow
  173. Tanker
    trailer that is a huge tank designed to handle liquid, gases and loose, fine bulk material. Echo does not ship via Tanker
  174. Tare Weight
    To the carrier, it is the weight of the tractor trailer and may be found by deducting the weight of the freight from the total weight of the truck. To the shipper, it is the weight of the goods being shipped.
  175. Tariff
    Publication setting forth the charges, rates and rules of transpo companies
  176. Team Driver Service
    TDS - team of two or more drivers who ride together and drive the same truck in shifts. primarily used for time-sensitive freight
  177. Terminal
    A dock at which freight is sorted
  178. TONU
    Truck Order Not Used. Charged when a shipment cancels after a driver arrives at the shipper or is dispatched to the shipper
  179. Tracking and Tracing
    Monitoring and recording shipment movements from origin to destination
  180. Trailer Axle
    axle is a central shaft for a rotating wheel or gear. legal axle weight 34k lbs
  181. Transactional Clients
    One of shippers, small portion of total freight, one call close (tactical), managed by sales rep
  182. Trans-loading
    process of transferring a shipment from one mode of transpo to another
  183. Bulkhead (V Boards)
    A bracing tool used for a flatbed in the shape of a V
  184. Volume
    Common Carriers/LTL Carriers provide volume quotes or spot quotes for anything over 10000#
  185. Weight Break Pricing
    Every specific increment of weight is a different rate; ex - if a load is between 5-5000lbs the rate states the same
  186. White Glove Services
    Specially trained drivers and specialty equipment for the safe transpo of sensitive shipments. Services include a full range of temp control offerings as well as a complete suite of Secure Transpo Solutions
  187. Yard
    Carrier or warehouse lot used to store or park trailers
  188. Yard Jockey
    Person who operates a yard tractor. Used in drop trailer situations.
  189. Zone
    States broken into zones based on regions; categorization
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