Chapter 30-31 Quiz

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  1. Tea pot dome
    government officials leased land to allow oil drilling on reserve land
  2. Red Scare
    Time when communism is bad
  3. Nichola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti
    • Trial for Italian immigrants that were charged with murdering a paymaster
    • Convinced because judge was prejudiced
    • They were atheist
  4. Volstead Act
    18th amendment-outlawed alcohol
  5. Scopes Trail
    • 1925 Charged with teaching evolution which was illegal in Tennessee
    • Fundamentalists v Darwinists
    • Lost-had to pay $100
    • Symbolic of the conflict between progressive urban residents and country fundamentalists
  6. Ford Model T
    • Cost $260
    • Possible for the average American to buy one
    • Only in black
    • Mass production and assembly line
  7. Guglielmo Marconi
    •Invented radio
  8. The Jazz Singer
    •First talking movie
  9. Women’s Dynamic Decade - Sanger
    Promoted birth control and equal rights
  10. The Lost Generation Writers
    • •Fitzgerald and the Great Gatsby wrote of the poor morality of the upper class
    • •Hemingway wrote of make feelings of inadequacy in novels like the Old Man and Sea
  11. Laissez-faire economics
    • •government regulation decrease; encourages consolidation
    • •Esch Cummings transportation act: encouraged railroad consolidation and non interference of interstate commission
  12. Bull Market
    Stock market with high buying and selling
  13. Kellogg Briand Pact
    • •anti war pledge (only defensive war)
    • •led by frank b Kellogg (secretary of state to Coolidge)
    • •62 nations ratify
    • •use less: gave US false sense of security
  14. Teapot Dome Scandal
    • •Elk Hills, CA and Teapot Dome, WY- land for naval oil preserves
    • •Albert B. Falls gets navy to transfer property to interior department
    • •leases land to Harry F. Sinclair and Edward Doheny
    • •gave Fall a bride of $400,000
    • •Fall convicted; Sinclair and Doheny acquitted
  15. Dawes Plan
    • •set up a new payment schedule for the $32 million from the Germans
    • •made last payment in 2010
    • •came too late the help Germany politically
  16. Hawley Smoot Tariff
    • •highest protective tariff 60%
    • •supposed to help farmers
    • •made depression worse
  17. Black Tuesday
    • •October 29, 1929
    • •market had been dramatically fluctuating in October
    • •16,410,030 shares sold that day
    • •by the end of 1929 stockholders lost $40 billion
    • •start of business depression at home and abroad
  18. Causes of Great Depression
    • •over production of farm and factory
    • •over expansion of credit
    • •technological unemployment
    • •economic chaos abroad
    • •drought: Mississippi Valley and Dust Bowl
  19. Reconstruction Finance Corporation
    government lending bank
  20. Bonus Army Demands
    veterans marched to Washington DC and demanded their entire bonus
  21. Government reaction to Bonus Army
    Hoover falsely charged that the force was led by riffraff and reds (communists), and the American opinion turned even more against him
  22. Good Neighbor Policy
    U.S. relations with Latin America and the Caribbean improved greatly
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