Word Part 3

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  1. carpoposis
    weakness/ drooping of the wrist
  2. cramps
    prolonged, involuntary muscular contractions which cause pain
  3. degenerative joint disease
    • DJD
    • joint disease where cartilage undergoes degeneration
  4. Duchene muscular dystrophy
    • DMD
    • progressive skeletal muscle degeneration leading to progressive weakness
  5. epicondylitis
    inflamed epicondyles
  6. fibromyalgia
    condition of pain of the fibers and muscles
  7. fracture
    breaking a bone
  8. Colles’ fracture
    break in distal part of radius
  9. comminuted fx
    break resulting in fragmentation of bones
  10. compression fx
    crushed break due to weight or pressure applied to bone during fall
  11. displaced fx
    break causing abnormal alignment of bone pieces
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