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  1. epiphyseal fx
    break at the growth plates which can affect the growth of the bone
  2. nondisplaced fx
    a break where the broken bones retain their alignment
  3. Pott’s fx
    break at the angle that affects both bones of the leg
  4. spiral fx
    a spiral-shaped break often caused by twisting stresses along a long bone
  5. gout
    abnormal accumulation of uric acid crystals in the joints
  6. herniated disk
    rupture of an intervertebral disk that causes pressure against spinal nerves or the spinal cord to produce back pain
  7. kyphosis
    upper thoracic curve bends posteriorly
  8. lordosis
    exaggerated anterior spinal curve in the lumbar spine
  9. scoliosis
    lateral curvature of the spine with a congenital origin usually in the thoracic or lumbar regions
  10. marfan’s syndrome
    excessive cartilage formation at the epiphyseal plates forming abnormally long limes and deformed valvular heart disease
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