Sensory of neurons

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  1. the law of specific nerve energies
    nerves that are stimulated and have acion potential will pick up anything that still stimulates it and percieve it as what it is supposed to. sound taste etc
  2. how light hits the eye
    left side of the world would hit right side of eye (vice versa)
  3. blind spot
    the optic nerve
  4. optic nerve
    blood vessels and excited ganglion cells that take senses to the brain
  5. Fovea receptors
    straight to the brain, connect to one cone.
  6. cells in the fovea
    midget ganglian cells
  7. fovea compared to sight
    mostly everything we see is in the fovea
  8. Cones in the fovea vs. rods in peripheral vision
    bipolar cells only connect to one cone and is direct. peripheral vision the rods attach to many bipolar cells in which higher sensitivity to faint light
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