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  1. AO1 - genetics
    • It has been suggested there may be a gene that leads to personality characteristics that makes an individual more at risk of committing violent crimes.
    • Although no individual genes for aggression has been identified in humans, a gene that produces a protein (MAOA) and regulates the metabolism of serotonin has been associated with aggressive behaviour.
    • Abnormally low levels of MAOA may lead to lowered levels of serotonin which is associated with impulsivity and aggressive behaviour.
  2. Caspi et al 2000
    • found a variant of the gene associated with high levels of MAOA and a variant association with low levels.
    • Those with low levels were significantly more likely to grow up to exhibit anti-social behaviour but only if they had been mistreated as children but not those who either had high or low levels of MAOA who were not mistreated didn’t display this anti-social behaviour.
    • This shows that the interaction between genes and environment determines behaviours such as aggression.
  3. AO2
    • It’s difficult to determine what is or is not a
    • product of genetic inheritance, this is as there are other factors involve in aggression other than genetic factors.
    • However these may interact with each other as genetic factors may affect which environmental factors and vice versa.
    • More than one gene usually contributes to any behaviour
  4. IDA
    • Deterministic
    • reductionist
    • is psychology a science?
  5. Group display for aggression:
    • A group demonstrating how powerful they are; this can be demonstrated in sports, warfare and genocide.
    • This is based on the evolutionary theory as it suggests that by demonstrating power you are more likely to survive. 
    • Sport demonstrates this by showing off how much power and strength the group having to dominate the society they live in, it also helps to attract mates meaning they have the pick so can select which ever they seem best to produce the best offspring so there genes survive.
    • This is shown in warfare as they steal other people resources and the more resource you have the more likely to attract a mate andspread their genes also may make it more likely to survive.  
    • In genocide it’s shown as by killing rival genes it them a competitive advantage to survive as there more resources for your family by having more land and food.
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