Knee and Hip Practical Stuff

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  1. Knee traction
    • pt seated legs dangling
    • towel under knee
    • "horse shoe" belt tight above malleoli
    • therapist heel on ground and toes in strap
  2. Knee anterior glide (femur glide)
    • supine foam roller under tibia, not just ankle
    • push femur inferiorly
  3. knee anterior glide (tibial glide)
    • prone
    • leg and knee clear table
    • hold ankle and push proximal tibia anteriorly
  4. knee posterior glide seated
    • feet dangle/unsupported
    • traction with beltĀ 
    • weight of foot resting in belt is enough to apply traction
    • push tibia with thenar eminences posteriorly
  5. knee posterior glide supine
    • hips and knees flexed
    • one arm under and one over tibia
    • push posterior
    • use a wedge to remove excess PF
  6. knee patellar femoral superior glide
    • knees and hips in flexion
    • use TB and palm of hand to push patella superior
  7. knee patellar inferior glide
    • knees and hips flexed
    • use TB and palm of hand to push patella superior
  8. Patellar tendinitis friction massage
    • push superior patella border into leg to get the inferior edge to raise anteriorly
    • massage tendon
    • ?towel under knee to relax quads?
  9. Whats difference in targeting quads vs VMO
    VMO needs close chain
  10. whats PGM, how to perform
    • patient sidelying pelvis in neutral
    • ABD and ER
    • make sure no hip flexion is performed
  11. with mobs and stretching what can you ask patient to be sure its working correctly
    where they feel the stretch
  12. Hip traction
    • supine
    • belt inside pt leg proximal femur
    • stabilize distal femur with hand
    • walk belt back to pull femur laterally
  13. hip anterior glide
    • increases extension
    • pt stands/leans with torso across bed
    • belt around therapist's shoulder and distal femur
    • push just below ischial tuberosity
  14. hip posterior glide
    • increase flexion
    • pt supine with 90 hip flexion
    • 1h performs slight traction
    • other hand pushes knee down (posteriorly)
  15. hip inferior glide
    • increase flexion
    • pt supine with involved foot on PT shoulder
    • hip flexed 90
    • belt on therapist butt and patient's proximal femur
    • therapist rocks back holding distal femur in place
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