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  1. How long is a temporary certificate good for?
    120 Days
  2. Why do I need a 1st Class Medical?
    Because I'm exercising the privileges of an ATP.
  3. As an FO with an ATP, do I need a 1st class medical?
  4. What are the rules about IFR recency of experience?
    6 approaches in 6 months + holding

    (tracking and intercepting courses happens as a result of shooting an approach)
  5. What preflight action is required by FAR?
    Become familiar with ALL available info

    • Weather
    • Fuel
    • Alternates
    • Traffic Delays
    • TOLD Card
  6. What are the aircraft speed rules?
    • 250 below 10000 and in Class B
    • 200 below Class B and near C or D
  7. What are the standard IFR alternate weather minimums?
    • At time of arrival
    • 600 and 2 for precision
    • 800 and 2 for non precision
  8. When can you descend below DH?
    Normal rate/normal maneuvers

    • Rabbit down to 100 feet above 100 TDZ
    • Lower if red terminating bars or side row bars

    • Threshold, markings or lights
    • TDZ, markings or lights
    • Runway, markings or lights
    • REILS
    • VASI
  9. What are the IFR minimum altitudes?
    • 1000 feet over obstacles within 4 miles
    • 2000 feet in the mountains

    If both an MEA and a MOCA, you can go down to the MOCA if you're within 22NM of a VOR.
  10. What equipment is required for VFR/IFR Flight?
    • Tach
    • Oil Pressure
    • Manifold Pressure
    • Alitmeter
    • Temperature Gauge
    • Oil Temp Gauge
    • Fuel Qty Indicators
    • Landing Gear Position Indicator
    • Airspeed Indicator
    • Magnetic Direction Indicator
    • ELT
    • Seatbelts

    • Fuses
    • Landing Light
    • Anti Collision Lights
    • Position Lights
    • Source of Electricity

    • Generator
    • Radios
    • Attitude Indicator
    • Ball
    • Clock
    • Adjustable Altimeter
    • Rate of Turn Indicator
    • Directional Gyro
  11. What are the oxygen requirements?
    • 12500-14000 for more than 30 minutes CREW
    • Above 14K CREW USES
    • Above 15K PAX provided with O2

    • Above FL250 Pax need 10 minutes of O2
    • Above FL350 pilot uses O2 unless two guys at the controls with quick-donning
    • Above FL410
    • If one guy leaves the cockpit
  12. What flying equipment and operating information is required by FARs?
    • D-Cell flashlight or equivalent
    • Charts
    • Checklists
  13. What is required for overwater and extended overwater by FARs?
    More than 50NM = life preserver for each occupant

    More than 100NM or 30 minutes = lighted life preserver, raft, flare gun, emer radio, life line, survival kit
  14. What kind of radios do we need for where we fly?
    To Bermuda, an HF radio

    Western Atlantic, Gulf and Caribbean we need only 1 long range NAV system, and VHF radios are fine as long as there is no more than a 30 minute radio gap expected
  15. What emergency equipment do we need?
    First Aid Kit

    2 fire extinguishers (one under FO chair, and one in PAX compartment)
  16. What's required in the passenger briefing?
    • Seatbelts
    • Fire extinguishers
    • No Smoking
    • Doors
    • O2
    • Raft/Life Vests
  17. What is required for flights between Mexico, Canada and the US?
    A flight plan
  18. Is it legal to fly to Cuba?
    Yes.  You need a flight plan and a written statement to INS about PAX and cargo within 1 hour of departure.
  19. If the SIC has fewer than 100 hours in the airplane, when must I make all takeoffs and landings?
    • Destination Analysis required
    • 3/4 mile vis
    • RVR 4000
    • Contaminated runway
    • Braking Action less than good
    • XWind more than 15 kts
    • Shear
  20. According to 135 Regs, when must we use O2?
    Between 25K and 35K, one of us wears it and the other must have it ready for immediate donning unless we have quick-donning

    Anytime above 35K one of us wears it

    Anytime one of us leaves the controls
  21. According to 135 Regs, when must the autopilot be disengaged
  22. How much O2 do we need to carry?
    • 10 min supply for PAX
    • 2 hour supply for pilots
  23. How often must our airplanes be weighed?
    Every 36 months
  24. What are the max flight time/rest requirements?
    • 500 hours in a quarter
    • 800 hours in 2 consecutive quarters
    • 1400 hours in a year
    • 10 hours rest in 24

    If you go over by less than 30 min, you need 11 hours rest

    If you go over by more than that you need 12 hours rest

    If you go over by more than an hour you need 16 hours rest
  25. What is a 293 ride?
    A once-a-year check with either a written or oral test.
  26. What is a 297 ride?
    A 6-month IPC
  27. What is a 299 ride?
    A route check
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