Chapter 1

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  1. Conflagration
    A fire with major building-to-building flame spread over a great distance
  2. Insurance Services Office (ISO)
    An agency funded by the insurance companies to independently apply the grading schedule to cities (fire departments) and set the rate for fire insurance premiums
  3. America Burning
    The 1973 report from a committee appointed by the president to investigate and report back its findings regarding U.S. fire service. Over ninety recommendations were forwarded for action
  4. America Burning Revisited
    The 1987 revisit to the America Burning report to evaluate the progress on accomplishing the recommended improvements
  5. America Burning Recommissioned, America at Risk
    The 2000 revisit of both the original America Burning report and the America Burning Revisited report. Two areas noted as needing further attention were fire prevention and firefighter safety
  6. British Thermal Unit (BTU)
    A standardized measure of heat, which is the heat energy required to raise the temperature of one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit
  7. Flashover Fire
    A sudden event that occurs when all the contents of a room or enclosed compartment reach their ignition temperature almost simultaneously, producing an explosive fire
  8. Incident Command System (ICS)
    A management system utilized on the emergency scene that is designed to keep order and follow a sequence of set guidelines
  9. Wildland/Urban Interface
    The line, area, or zone where structures and other human developments intermingle with undeveloped wildland or vegetative fuels
  10. National Incident Management System (NIMS)
    A comprehensive management system designed to integrate resources from a number of public and private agencies. It encompasses most of the Incident Command System as one component of the overall management system.
  11. Alternative Fuels
    Presently two types of compressed gases are being used for motor vehicle fuel. One is compressed liquefied natural gas (CNG) and the other is compressed liquefied petroleum gas (CLP) (either propane or butane). Research is now being conducted to expand the use of hydrogen gas. These gases are under high pressure and present a danger of fire and/or explosion when released
  12. Infrared Imaging
    A method using infrared waves to detect heat being radiated by a substance or body.
  13. Global Positioning
    Using satellites positioned in outer space, locations on earth can be triangulated by the beam from several satellites
  14. Ultrafine Water Mist
    Water is dispensed under high pressure through very fine nozzle outlets creating nearly micro-sized droplets
  15. Class B Fires
    Fires involving flammable liquids
  16. Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS)
    A developing technology that includes a Class A hydrocarbon-based surfactant that improves the wetting and penetrating capabilities of plain water
  17. Surfactant
    A soap material that works to ease the surface tension of water, allowing the water to more easily penetrate materials and thus increasing the effectiveness of water as an extinguishing agent
  18. Cybernetic Building Systems
    Automatic control systems installed in buildings to integrate the building services in a central location including energy management, fire detection and security systems, building transportation systems, fault detection, and diagnostics
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