Clinic Tools 4 (ch. 1)

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    • Disposable Syringe
    • -To administer parenteral medications or to dra blood or other fluids from body
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    • Automatic Dose Syringe
    • -To administer IM or SQ injections to multiple animal w/o reloading the syringe
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    • Stainless steel hypodermic needle
    • -to deliver parenteral medications
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    • Disposable Hypodermic Needles
    • -to inject parental medications
    • -Sizes 25, 21, 20, 18, 16
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    • Dose Syringe
    • -to administer liquid medication orally
    • CN: drenching syringe, Drencher
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    • Dose-Syringe Nozzle Ends
    • -To reach down the esophagus of a large animal
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    • Oral Calf Drencher 
    • -to give large amount of oral fluids to calves, foals, or lamb
    • CN: calf drencher,oral drencher, calf bag
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    • Stomach Tube
    • -to deliver liquid medications directly to the stomach via the esophagus, also used to relieve gas from the roman in cases of moderate bloat.
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    • Drench Pump
    • -to pump medication through the stomach tube into stomach
    • CN: stomach pump
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    • Balling Gun 
    • -to deliver solid medication to large animal orally
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    • Pet Piller
    • -to deliver solid medication to small animal orrally
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    • Pill Counting Tray 
    • -to count a number of pills w/o touching them with bare hand
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    • Pill Splitter
    • -to split tablets accurately for a for appropriate doses
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    • Frick Speculum 
    • -Used on large animals to hold the jaws open wide enough to anable the passage of the stomach tube down the throat
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    • 4-inch 18-gauge Swine-bleeding needle
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    • 4-Inch 18-Gauge Spinal Needle 
    • -To preform aspiration biopsies and drainage procedures
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    • Modified Silverman Biopsy Needle
    • -to preform biopsies
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    • Bone Marrow Intraosseous Needle
    • -To preform intraosseous infusion in small animals and birds. It can be used on animals that are hypovolemic, which makes finding a vein difficult
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    • Transfer Needle
    • -to transfer the liquid contents of one bottle to another w/o the use of a syringe
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  21. Yellow Intravenous Catheter
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  22. Blue Intravenous Catheter
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  23. Green Intravenous Catheter
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  24. Pink Intravenous Catheter
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    • 20 gage
  25. Red Hypodermic Needle Gage
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  26. Yellow Hypodermic Needle Gage
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  27. Orange Hypodermic Needle Gage
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  28. Blue Hypodermic Needle Gage
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  29. Green Hypodermic Needle Gage
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  30. Solid Orange Hypodermic Needle Gage
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  31. White Hypodermic Needle Gage
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  32. Pink Hypodermic Needle Gage
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