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  1. Totalitarianism
    • Another word to describe a dictatorship.¬†
    • Leaders had absolute power
    • Only one ideology was allowed
    • To be no opposition
    • Citizens had no human rights
  2. Benito Mussolini
    • The dictator of Italy in WWII
    • Formed the facist party in Italy & the Blackshirts
    • Invaded Ethiopia
  3. March of Rome
    • Mussolini threatened to overthrow the government
    • Gathered 26000 people and formed the Blackshirts
    • Gathered at the outskirts of Rome
    • Demanded the Italian government to be turned over
    • King Emmanuel handed it over to avoid a civil war
  4. Weimar Republic
    • A democracy in Germany¬†
    • Was supposed to help with the peacemaking process created by the new leaders when the Kaiser fled Germany
  5. Inflation
    The increase of prices on goods & the decrease of a country's currency value
  6. Adolf Hitler
    • The leader of the Nazis
    • Became leader from from 1933-1945
  7. NAZI
    the German Socialist Workers' Party
  8. Anti-Semitism
    to dislike/hate Jewish people
  9. Scapegoat
    someone punished for the errors of others
  10. Enabling Act
    Gave Hitler absolute power
  11. Night of the Long Knives
    • Hitler murdered 1000 people who who opposed him
    • Suppressed any further opposition
  12. Nuremberg Laws
    • Harsh & Unjust measures against Jews
    • i. They had to wear the Star of David at all times
    • ii. They lost their professions and their property
    • iii. Could not mingle with the German population
    • iv. Lost their citizenships
  13. Kristallnacht
    Nazis encouraged the Germans to attack Jews & their property. Jewish shops were attacks, windows were smashed, and Jews were beaten in public, and many were imprisoned for no reason.
  14. Gestapo
    • The secret police
    • Became all powerful
    • Patrolled Germany and countries they invaded
  15. Fuhrer
    The leader of Germany (Hitler)
  16. Five Year Plans
    Stalin's plans to modernze & industrialize the country
  17. The Great Terror
    Anyone considered an enemy of his goals were excuted
  18. Appeasement
    A policy where a country becomes aggressive, and other countries give the aggressor what it wants to prevent war
  19. Nazi-Soviet Pact
    The non-aggression pact. Germans would not attack Russia, and vice-versa. Both parties had time to develop their countries.
  20. Blitzkrieg
    Nazis used airplanes to knock out key enemy positions which was immediately followed by tanks and motorized infantry attacks
  21. Conscription
    Compulsory enlistment into the military
  22. Phony War
    Everyone declared war on each other, but no one was fighting, b/c it was too cold, however they were gearing up for war.
  23. Evacuation of Dunkirk
    900 ships sailed from England and rescued 340,000 soldiers from Dunkirk; saved British soldiers
  24. British Royal Air Force
    British Royal Air Force
  25. Luftwaffe
    The German Air Force
  26. Battle of Britain
    Airspace battle between German and Britain
  27. The Blitz
    Daylight bombing raids on London
  28. Dieppe
    • 5000 Canadian soldiers landed at Dieppe on the coast of France
    • Objective was to take the beach and the town back from the Germans
    • Upon arrival, soldiers were mowed down on the beach by German fire
  29. Operation Barabarossa
    • A massive invasion of the Soviet Union
    • Germany's betrayal to the USSR
  30. Battle of El Alamein
    • Battle between the Italians and the British
    • A decisive victory for the Allies
    • First time to defeat one of the fascist countries
  31. Battle of the Atlantic
    • Fought for the control of the shipping lanes between North America and Britain
    • Germany cut off all Allied supplies to Britain
  32. U-Boats
    German submarines
  33. Convoys
    Merchant ships surrounded by destroyers for protection
  34. Royal Canadian Navy
    Royal Canadian Navy
  35. Corvettes
    Small warships
  36. Sonar
    Detected enemy submarines
  37. Battle of Stalingrad
    • Battle between Germany and USSR
    • Second turning point battle of WWII
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