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  1. Necessary for proper absorption of calcium in the small intestine.
    Vitamin D
  2. Without this vitamin, calcium is poorly absorbed and the inorganic salt portion of bone matrix lacks calcium, softening and thereby deforming bones.
    Vitamin D
  3. Required for osteoblasts and osteoclast activity during normal development.
    Vitamin A
  4. Deficiency of this vitamin may retard bone development.
    Vitamin A
  5. Required for collagen synthesis.
    Vitamin C
  6. Deficiency of this vitamin may result in bones that are slender and fragile.
    Vitamin C
  7. Stimulates division of cartilage cells in the epiphyseal plates. Is secreted from the pituitary gland.
    Growth Hormone
  8. The absence of this hormone in a child may cause pituitary dwarfism.
    Growth Hormone
  9. Excess amounts of this hormone in a child may cause pituitary gigantism.
    Growth Hormone
  10. Excess amounts of this hormone in an adult may cause acromegaly (enlarged hands, feet, and jaw)
    Growth Hormone
  11. Sex hormones (male and female)
    Testosterone and Estrogen
  12. Cause long bones to grow considerably during puberty.
    Sex Hormones
  13. Stimulate ossification of epiphyseal plates causing lengthening to stop.
    Sex Hormones
  14. Causes hypertrophy (strengthening and thickening) stimulated by contracting of the skeletal muscles.
    Physical Stress
  15. Causes atrophy (thinning and weakening) due to lack of exercise. Bone tissue wastes away.
    Physical stress (lack)

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