Veterinary Licensing Act pt I

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  1. EDP
    Equine Dental Practitioner
    Texas State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners
  3. Who comprises the TSBVME?
    • 6 Veterinarians
    • 3 Non-veterinarians
  4. How often must a DVM re-register with the TSBVME to remain licensed?
    By May 1st annually
  5. List the general hierarchy of veterinary medicine law in Texas
    • 1. Governor
    • 2. Legislative entities (Senate, House)
    • 3. TSBVME
    • 4. TVMA (Board of Directors)
    • 5. TARVT
  6. Who comprises the advisory committee of the TSBVME and what is their function?
    • 4 Veterinarians
    • 2 RVT/LVT
  7. VTNE
    Veterinary Technician National Examination
  8. TARVT
    Texas Association of Registered Veterinary Technicians
  9. Which entity must all legislation go through before it is brought before the State Legislature?
  10. Which entity is considered the RVT "voice" to the other entities?
  11. Both the state and national board tests must be taken within what time frame?
    Within 1 year of each other
  12. Which board test must be taken before the other?
    The VTNE needs to be completed and passed before the State test
  13. This is the type of supervision where the DVM must be on the premises but not necessarily in the same room.
  14. This is the type of supervision where the DVM must be in the room or within earshot.
  15. How much is the fine for violation of a cease and desist order?
  16. True or False: An EDP does not need a referral from a DVM in order to perform services.
  17. True or false: A LVT must have immediate supervision to euthanize an animal.
  18. What group was the trigger that started the process for RVTs to become LVTs?
    Equine Dental Practitioners
  19. When did the current recodified Veterinary Act become effective
    September 1, 2013
  20. Where is the TSBVME located?
    Austin, TX
  21. What is the full name of the licensing act?
    Title 4, Professions Related to Animal Health, Chapter 801 Veterinarians Occupations Code
  22. How may Chapter 801 be cited as?
    Veterinary Licensing Act
  23. What are the criteria to be a Certified Veterinary Assistant?
    • TVMA certified
    • Employed by licensed Veterinarian
  24. What procedures are covered as Equine Dentistry?
    • 1. Teeth Floatation
    • 2. Treatment and extraction of teeth
    • 3. Treatment of diseased teeth with restoration and endodontics
    • 4. Periodontic treatments
    • 5. Dental radiography
  25. Criteria for "Practice of Veterinary Medicine"
    • 1. Diagnose and treat disease, prescription of drugs, prevention of disease, deformity, defect or injury, administration of drugs, biologics, anesthetics or appliance
    • 2. Willingness to perform all above acts
    • 3. Use appropriate words/titles to induce belief that person is qualified and legally authorized
    • 4. receipt of compensation for services
  26. This term only applies to the person licensed by TSBVME to practice veterinary medicine
  27. Chapter 325, Government Code is referred to as what document that provides for the existence of the TSBVME.
    Texas Sunset Act
  28. Under the Texas Sunset Act, how often must the TSBVME come under review?
    Every 10 years
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