Cultural Diversity and Health Practices

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  1. Characteristics of Amish people?
    • - Plain dress and low use of technology-
    • Talk to both husband and wife - bc equal in marriage, hwr unequal in authority -
    • Need church permission to be hospitalized bc the community will come together to help pay the cost -
    • No health insurance bc it is a “wordly product” and may show lack of faith in God - At death women are burried in their bridal dresses.
  2. Ch of Asian Americans?
    • o No touching - especially in head that is sacred, may show disrespect 
    • Women are obedient 
    • yin (cold)  and yang (hot) - blance between pos and neg energy forces
    • Lactose intolerance, Thalassemia prone
    • Limit eye contact
  3. Ch. hispanic/latino?
    - lactose intolerant, parasites
  4. Ch of Native Americans?
    • Silence = respect
    • Present oriented
    • No touching of dead body, no eye contact Grandparents = family leaders
    • Health Risks : alcohol abuse, DM, tuberculosis, arthritis, lactose intolerance, gallbladder disease.
  5. Ch: White Americans?
    • eye contact = trust
    • future oriented
  6. End of life characteristics ?
    • Christian Science religion = No medical means to prolonge life 
    • Jewish = no prolonging life after irreversible brain damage
    • Muslims, orthodox, jews = against autopsy and cremation ( + mormon and islamic)
    • Muslims = no organ donation
    • Amish = no heart transplant
    • Hispanic = no pg woman at funeral, dying at home = bad luck ( bl for asian too)
    • AA - No organ and blood donation ( asian too)- Islam =  may want to choose to face Meca ( West or south west in the US) / head elevated above body
  7. Ch of Judaism?
    • Kosher diet: no diary meat combination, only fish that have scales and fins ( queue - comme pied canard) are allowed. Meat that are allowed are animal vegetable eaters, cloven-hoofed ( cattles, deer, goats, sheep and ritually slaughtered ( killed during a ritual), no shell fish
    • Young kippur = 24 hr fasting  
    • Passover = unleavened bread is eaten
    • Prolongation of life is important, pt on life support must remain on LS  
    • Dying person cannot be left alone - rabbies presence is desired
    • No autopsy or cremation
  8. Categories of CAM?
    • - Whole medical systems-
    • Mind body medicine-
    • Biologically based practice-
    • Manipulative and body based practice-
    • Energy medicine
  9. Low risk therapies are?
    • - have no adverse effects-
    • non invasive-
    • can be used by nurse who has training and experience
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