science 12

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  1. producers
    organisms that produce their own food
  2. consumers
    organisms that eat living producers and/or other living consumers
  3. herbivore
    a consumers that eats producers exclusively
  4. carnivore
    a consumer that eats only other consumers
  5. omnivore
    a consumer that eats both plants and consumers
  6. basal metabolic rates
    the minimum amount of energy required by the body every day
  7. from where does the energy in living organisms ultimately originate
    the sun
  8. label each of the following as a consumer, producer, or decomposer
    a. mushroom/decomposer  b. evergreen bush/ producer    c. worm/ consumer   d. algae/ producer
  9. what is the name of the chemical process that converts food into energy
  10. what does combustion require
  11. what does combustion produce
    energy , carbon dioxide , water
  12. what are the three macronutrients
    carbohydrates, fats, proteins
  13. what is the main thing that macronutrients provide
  14. do we need to eat more macronutrients or micronutrients
  15. which is larger monosaccharide ,a disaccharide ,or a polysaccharide
  16. is glucose a monosaccharide , disaccharide, or polysaccharide
  17. what are two basic kinds of fats, how can u distinguise them
    saturated fats and unsaturated fats . saturated at are solid at room temp but unsaturated fats are liquid at room temp
  18. what are proteins made of
    long strings of amino acids
  19. in what order does body prefer to burn the macronutrients
    carbohydrates first, then fats , then proteins
  20. if your cells are short on amino acids what happens to the amino acids that come from the protein u eat , what happens if your cells have plenty of amino acids
    they are broken into amino acids and spread though the cells so that the cells can use them to manufacture the proteins they need. the protiens turn into carbohydrates and fats
  21. why is it important to eat either animal protein or a wide variety of plant protein
    8 essential amino acids that your cell cant manufacture but need because without a steady supply of amino acids they wont be able to manufaction the proteins they too
  22. which type of animal has a larger BMR an endorthrmic animal or an ectothermic animal
     endothermic because ectothermic creatures don't need to waste energy on body heat
  23. which type of animal is less active  on a cold day an endothermic animal or an ectothermic
  24. what do calories measure
  25. consider 2 men . while they slept they burn about the same calories. the first man needs significantly more calories than the second man in order to keep his weight constant. which man is less active during the day
     the  second man because he isn't taking in as much energy
  26. if jean needs to eat more calories than wanda in order to keep her weight constant can u immediately conclude jean is more active than wanda
      no because they both have different BMR
  27. which has a higher BMR a pig or horse
    pig because smaller the mammal the higher he BMR
  28. where does combustion of food take place
    the cell
  29. why is the mitochondrion called the powerhouse of a cell
    because it releases a majority of energy
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