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  1. the resistance of an object to change its motion is a property of matter called...
  2. The ability to do work is the definition of?
  3. An aircraft taxiing at a constant speed is an example of...
    Newtons First law of motion
  4. which of newtons laws of motion is the best description of why an operating jet engine produces forward thrust?
  5. in a jet engine, what meters the fuel for combustion?
    Fuel Control
  6. when the turbine wheel absorbs the full energy,...
    The energy returns to the compressor
  7. what effect does the divergent design of a jet engine diffuser have a pressure?
    Increases pressure
  8. air and gasses flowing through a jet engine require?
    Greater velocity EXITING than entering
  9. when a jet engine uses two or more turbine wheels, what is placed directly in front of each turbine wheel?
    Nozzle diaphragm
  10. a jet engine derives its name from the fact that...
    it uses a exhaust gas driven turbine to drive its compressor
  11. what are the two types of jet engine compressors?
    Centrifugal and Axial flow
  12. After air is drawn into the guide vanes of a centrifugal jet engine compressor, it is subjected to...
    rotational and centrifugal forces
  13. what determines the N2 compressor rotations per minute (RPM) of a dual spool jet engine compressor?
    Fuel Control
  14. What is the purpose of a front mounted fan in an axial flow jet engine compressor?
    Increase thrust and send air through the compressor core rotor
  15. the combustion efficiency of a gas turbine is usually between...
    95 and 100 percent
  16. engine design helps prevent igniter plug fouling by...
    directing air around the plug electrode
  17. what forms the inner and outer surfaces of a annular type combustion chamber?
    interlocking stainless steel bands
  18. feul that accumulates after a failed start or after engine shutdown is...
    drained overboard by a drain system
  19. the three turbine designs used in jet engines are?
    impulse, reaction, and reaction-impulse
  20. on some jets, what secures the turbine bucket in place?
    Lock Strips
  21. the exhaust duct connects the turbine outlet and the...
    JET Nozzle
  22. what is the purpose of the exhaust duct?
    Straighten exhaust gas flow
  23. one common type of variable area orifice used on augmenters is the...
    Segmented flap
  24. what augmenter component creates local turbulence and reduces gas velocity?
  25. which engine type used a lot during the early years of jet engine design is the most basic jet engine turbine design?
  26. a turbofan engine with a bypass ratio of 3:1 is classified as...
    Medium Bypass
  27. the primary function on a hydromechanical fuel control on a jet engine is to?
    Meter the fuel, making certain the engine gets the correct quantity for combustion at all times!
  28. what type of fuel control uses the thermocouples, relays, amplifiers, and solenoids to help control the engine?
  29. the purpose of a fuel/oil cooler is to...
    heat the fuel and cool the oil
  30. When classified according to structure, which of the following is not a type of an oil pump?

    a) Gear
    b) GerotorĀ 
    c) RotogearĀ 
    d) Sliding Vane
  31. what jet engine oil pump consists of a GEAR AND ROTOR within a housing?
  32. A micron is a metric linear measurement equal to...
    1/25,000 of a inch
  33. the two types of oil coolers used in jet engine oil systems are air/oil and....
  34. what do you use to create a static seal between two stationary parts in the oil system?
  35. what engine component must be rotated to a predetermined speed in order for a jet engine starter to be considered effective?
  36. The air turbine (impingement) starter used on jet engines...
    Has the advantages of less weight and fewer moving parts than other starters
  37. The cartridge-pneumatic starter is a gas driven turbine wheel coupled to the engine through a reduction gear system and...
    an overrunning clutch
  38. in a gearbox type starter system, what transmits the torque supplied by the jet fuel starter (JFS) to the engine gearbox?
    Power takeoff (PTO) shaft
  39. what jet engine alternating current (AC) ignition system unit develops 20,000 volts delivered to the igniter plugs?
  40. A simple direct current (DC) ignition system consists of?
    Vibrator, Igniter plugs, and Transformer
  41. Jet engine tachometer gauges are calibrated in percent of?
    Maximum RPM's
  42. the purpose of the jet engine pressure ratio (EPR) indicating system is to give a reference to the engines...
    Available thrust output
  43. Exhaust gas temperature (EGT) indicators indicate the engines EGT in....
    Degrees Celsius
  44. the three benefits of the Joint Oil Analysis Program (JOAP) are improved safety, reduced maintenance cost, and....
    increased equipment availability
  45. through the use of spectrometric oil analysis, aircraft will have a higher in-commission rate because there will be...
    Less unnecessary maintenance
  46. At a minimum, what should you wear while taking an oil sample?
    Gloves and Goggles
  47. What indicates lubricant system contamination by dirt and sand?
    An increase in SILICON
  48. What form must you fill out and submit to the non-destructive inspections (NDI) laboratory with all oil samples?
    DD form 2026
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