Psychology Chapter 2 The Brain

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  1. What would most likely happen if the cerebellum was damaged?
    you would lose muscle coordination
  2. What is the endocrine system?
    • set of glands that secrete hormones into the bloodstream
    • slow system
  3. If you had a stroke and suffered from partial blindnes, what part of the brain did the stroke damage?
    Occipital lobe
  4. What is the pons?
    • sleepĀ 
    • arousal
    • coordinates movement
  5. What does an EEG record?
    electrical impulses in the brain
  6. What is the difference in the left and right cerebral hemisphere?
    • left- logic, rational,analytical, looks at parts
    • right- random, intutive, look at whole, creative
  7. Of what does the brain stem mostly consist?
    medulla and cerebrum
  8. What are the parts of the forebrain? What is each part responsible for?
    • frontal lobe- personality, reasoning, plans and judgements
    • parietal lobes- all senses except smell; touch and body position
    • occipital lobe- vision
    • temporal lobe- auditory
  9. What must happen to perform split brain surgery?
    sever corpus callosum
  10. Where are the pleasure centers in the brain?
    limbic system
  11. What is the difference in an MRI and an fMRI?
    and MRI shows images of brain structure and an fMRI shows brain functions
  12. The sense of smell depends on which lobe?
    frontal lobe
  13. What are the Broca's and Wernicke's areas associated with? What does each do?
    • language and speech
    • Broca's- muscle movements involved in speech
    • Wernicke's- speech comprehension
  14. What is the limbic system?
    • emotional system
    • fear, agression, food, sex
  15. Where are the reflex control centers for vital life functions located?
  16. Bodily sensations register in which brain area?
    parietal lobe
  17. What area of the frontal lobe directs the body's muscles?
    motor cortex
  18. What is aphaisa?
    impairment of language
  19. What is the pituitary gland?
    master gland that regulates growth
  20. Where is consciousness carried out in the brain?
    frontal lobe
  21. What are the association areas of the cerebral cortex?
    deal with thinking, language, and memory
  22. What are some difference between lower and higher animals brain?
    • lower- smaller
    • higher- more wrinkles, more cerebrum, cerebral cortex is most devolved part
  23. What is amygdala and its functions?
    • Emotion
    • center of the limbic system
    • helps you react in dangerous situations
  24. What is the cerebral cortex?
    • ultimate control and information center
    • 4 lobes
  25. What is the hippocampus?
    • lasting memories
    • storing memories
  26. Which side of the brain controls which side of the body?
    opposite side
  27. What is the hypothalamus? What does it control?
    • part of the brain
    • sex, eating, temp control
  28. With what is the recticular formation associated?
    • arousalĀ 
    • paying attention
  29. What would happen if your recticular activating system was destroyed?
    you would be in a coma and never come out
  30. What is a CT scan?
    a series of x-rays
  31. What is a PET scan?
    measures brain's consumption of glucose
  32. What are hormones?
    chemical messangers that are produced in one tissue and affect another
  33. What part of the brain stores lasting memories?
  34. Where is Brocs's area located?
    left frontal lobe
  35. Where is Wernicke's area located?
    left of temporal lobe
  36. What is involved in the production of emotion?
    limbic system
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