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  1. terminology Areata, Totalis, Universalis
    • area scalp loss
    • total scalp hair loss
    • complete hair loss
  2. percentage alopecia associated with other diseases, atopic diseases, autoimmune disease
    • 70-75
    • 20-25
    • 5
  3. what type disease is alopecia areata
    autoimmune disease
  4. what type of prognosis is areata
    favorable; will regrow hair at one time or another
  5. clinical presentation of areata
    • spreading annular area of hair loss
    • smooth depressed area of scalp
    • generally involves the scalp (but eyebrows, eyelashes, beard may also be involved)
  6. what is ophaisis
    form of areata that is difficult to treat
  7. how is ophiasis characterized
    band of baldness that encircles the inferior margin of the scalp
  8. what is the tx for mild and severe alopecia areata
    • mild:
    • CCS injection
    • anthralin
    • top minoxidil

    • extensive¬†
    • sys CCS
    • top immunotherapy (diphencyprone)
    • SSZ, cyclosporine
  9. what are the two forms of scarring alopecia and how are they treated
    • LPP (cyclosporine)
    • DLE (Hydroxychloroquine, acitretin)
  10. what must you avoid when taking acitretin
    sun exposure
  11. list and define types of diffuse alopecia
    • telogen effuvium; medical or surgical upset
    • anogen effuvium; toxic event¬†
    • drug reactions; substance induced
    • systemic/non systemic; hypothy, irr iron
  12. how is telogen effuvium dx
  13. tx for telogen effuvium
    none required or topical minoxidil 2 or 5%
  14. tx for anagen effuvium
    identify precipitating factors correct it
  15. epidemiology of androgenic alopecia
    • 50% of men affected by age 50
    • 40-50% of women affected by age 60
  16. topical tx for androgenic alopecia and duration of tx for men
    • minoxidil 2% up to 1 year
    • minoxidil 5% indefinitely
  17. systemic therapy and recommended treatment duration for androgenic alopecia for men
    oral finasteride for up to 1 year
  18. topical tx for androgenic alopecia in women
    topical 2%
  19. what is the systemic tx for androgenic alopecia for women
    • OC
    • spironolactone
    • dexamethasone
  20. likely causes of traumatic alopecia
    • trichofillomania (pull out ones hair)
    • pruritic dermatoses
    • traction alopecia (excessive brushing/combing)
  21. what is cicatricial alopecia
    results from permanent scarring of hair follicles
  22. tx for cicatricial alopecia
    CCCA, DLE, and LPP; topical minoxidil, steroids, oral chloriquine, CsA, mychophenylate

    • folliculitis; ABx
    • hair transplantation
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