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  1. 8 functions of a suspension system
    • 1 Support the sprung weight of the car 
    • 2 Provide a smooth, comfortable ride 
    • 3 Allow rapid cornering 
    • 4 Keep the tires in firm contact with the road 
    • 5 Prevents excessive body squat when accelerating 
    • 6 Prevents excessive body dive when braking 
    • 7 Allows front wheels to turn side-to-side 
    • 8 Helps keep wheels in correct alignment
  2. 6 major components of a suspension system
    • 1 Control arm 
    • 2 Steering knuckle 
    • 3 Ball joint 
    • 4 Spring 
    • 5 Shock absorber 
    • 6 Control arm bushing
  3. What moves independently in an Independent suspension system?
    The wheels
  4. most common suspension spring?
    coil spring
  5. What fastens the rear leaf spring eye to the car frame?
    A shackle
  6. What is the name for when a leaf spring flexes when driving or braking?
    Leaf spring windup
  7. How does a torsion bar reduce up/ down motion?
    twisting force
  8. What is the weight of the car not supported by the springs?
    unsprung weight
  9. Why does a suspension system need ball joints?
    allow rotation in every direction
  10. What does a shock absorber do?
    dampen spring and suspension system movements
  11. What is the advantage of a gas charged shock absorber?
    keeps the oil in the shock from foaming
  12. How does a MacPherson strut assembly work?
    uses one control arm and a strut assembly to support each wheel assembly
  13. What does a sway bar do?
    keeps the car body from rolling or swaying excessively in turns or corners
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Automobile Suspension System
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