F/A-18 Electrical System

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  1. What position should the BATT switch be in any time the generators are functioning?
  2. What indicates the occurrence of a single TR failure?
    There is no cockpit indication
  3. T/F:  A BATT switch left in the ON or ORIDE position for extended periods of time with the generators not producing electricity will result in damage to batteries and circuits?
  4. T/F:  In the event of a single generator failure, the functioning generator will pick up the entire electrical load?
  5. T/F:  During normal (2 generator) operation, both 115VAC buses are connected by the bus tie?
  6. T/F:  BATT switch must be ON before canopy can be opened electrically?
  7. T/F:  A double TR failure in an aircraft which has battery chargers connected directly to the generators will still result in depletion of the batteries because the micro processor which controls battery charging is DC powered and will therefore not function?
  8. The L Generator powers:
    L 115VAC bus
  9. T/FL  A low Batt charge won't result in the loss of any system provided at least 1 TR is functioning?
  10. What indicates low state battery charge?
    Voltmeter less than 24 volts
  11. T/F:  A L or R TR failure is indicated by the illumination of a L/R TR caution light?
  12. What does the GEN tie control switch do?
    Resets the bus tie limiter logic
  13. T/F:  A bus tie failure is normally indicated by the display of a GEN TIE caution concurrently with the appearance of the L/R GEN caution
  14. T/F:  The BATT switch ORIDE position is provided as a backup should the automatic switching circuits associated with the ON position failure?
  15. T/F:  A single GEN failure will result in the loss of non-essential AC buses?
  16. If a GEN doesn't automatically come online on Engine start:
    Cycle the generator switch from NORM to OFF and back to NORM
  17. L and R GEN cautions will be displayed at the same time:
    only on ground power
  18. T/F:  The initial procedure to counter a double TR failure are the same as the procedures to counter a double generator failure.  If BATT switch caution light not on and BATT switch in ORIDE?
  19. T/F:  The bus tie limiter circuitry keeps two 115VAC circuits isolated anytime the fault which caused the 1st circuit to fail would cause damage to the other circuit?
  20. If either BATT charge is low or the BATT switch is ORIDE, useful time will be less than 20 min.  In order to conserve battery power, you should:
    minimize trim actuations and UHF transmissions
  21. On ground with no AC power on the aircraft, BATT switch caution indicates:
    BATT switch is in ON
  22. TR normally function:
    When a generator is operating and when the aircraft is on ground power
  23. What position should the generator switches be in any time the engines are operating?
  24. T/F:  IF BATT switch caution doesn't illuminated when generators or TRs fail, the FCS will switch to MECH ON after 7 to 10 sec unless batt switch is placed to ORIDE?
  25. What is the 1st thing to check if you have indications of a double TR or double generator failure?
    The BATT switch caution light
  26. T/F:  In the event of a single TR failure, buses powered by the failed TR will be lost
  27. Which best indicates a double TR failure?
    Loss of HUD while DDIs continue to function
  28. T/F:  Short field arrestment recommended when landing following a double generator failure?
  29. What is the first step in countering a single generator failure?
    Cycle failed generator switch
  30. One of the procedures to counter E BATT LO / U BATT LO caution inflight
    BATT switch: OFF / ON for landing
  31. With a double generator or double TR failure, if generators fail to reset after cycling, you should:
    Conserve battery power and land as soon as possible
  32. T/F:  Placing the BATT switch in the ORIDE position connects the EMERGENCY BATT to the ESSENTIAL BUS regardless of the status of the Transformer-Rectifiers or the U BATT?
  33. T/F:  With GEN switches in NORM, the generators will automatically come online on engine start?
  34. What does the GEN TIE caution indicate?
    That the 115 VAC bus tie is open, and AC bus tie has failed to automatically connect the unpowered 115 VAC bus following a single generator failure
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