Old Irish pronomials

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  1. a chéile
    companion, the other (of two), lit. his fellow
  2. aile
    adj. other, one of two, second

    Subst. another, the other, others

    w/ nach. any other
  3. aill
    something else, anything else

    one.... another, some... others
  4. ala, la, al(l)
    adj. other, one of two, second

    w/ article one of two, the second

  5. alaile
    adj. other, some, a certain

    subst. another, the other, each other, somebody, something, a certain person or thing
  6. cach, cech
    +adj cách

    each, every, all

    w/ neg, conj etc: all, any, any other
  7. cách

    the one, each one, everyone, all, all othes, the rest
  8. cechtar
    each of two, both of
  9. na
    neuter of nach
  10. nach
    adj. of nech

    any, whatever, some... or other, every
  11. nech

    any one, one, someone, something, anything

    w/ neg: nobody, nothing
  12. nechtar
    one of two, either

  13. neich
    neuter of nech

    anything, aught, something

    partitive: any/some part of
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