Surface Warfare

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  1. What is the range of the SPS-49
    256 NM
  2. What is the purpose of the ships gyros pertaining to weapons system
    Provides Pitch, Roll and Heading for ordnance on target
  3. What is RF
    High pulsed micro-wave energy that travels and is bounced (reflected) back to its source
  4. What is ES, EA, and EP
    -Electronic Support, Electronic Attack, Electronic Protection, The analization of intercepted signals and classification of them
  5. What are the 3 types of data links onboard
    Link 11/16/4A

    • 4A(Dolly)
    • 11 (Alligator)
    • 16 (Timber)
  6. What does CSMC stand for
    Combat System Maintenance Central
  7. What is the purpose of AIMD
    Support the embarked airwing
  8. What is the displacement of the ship in tons
    97,000 tons
  9. What is the range of the sps-48
    220 NM
  10. What does NSSMS stand for and how many do we have onboard
    Nato Sea Sparrow Missile System, 2
  11. In regards to aircraft, what is hot refueling and cold refueling
    Hot - Engine turning

    Cold - Aircraft shut down
  12. What is the difference between 2D and 3D
    2D - Range and Bearing

    3D - Range, Bearing, and Altitude
  13. What is the mission of the E2-C Hawkeye
    Provide early warning of approaching air missile targets
  14. What is the salvo alarms & what safety precautions must be observed when it sound's
    means missile launch imminent. Take cover, 15 seconds to launch
  15. What is the purpose of the Nixie and how many do we have
    Torpedo, quantity of two
  16. Where is the underwater log located
    JP-5 pump room 2
  17. What is the only response to a beadwindow
    Roger out
  18. How many SLQ-32's are onboard and where are they located
    2, Port/FWD of the island
  19. How many targets can be engaged by Ram at one time, and what is the rate of fire
    21 Targets, 1 every 2 seconds
  20. What are the 2 modes of operation for the SLQ-32
  21. What is the primary mission of the SLQ-32
    Anti-ship missile defense (ASMD)
  22. What does MIO stand for
    Maritime Interdiction Operations
  23. What are the 4 types of Casreps
    Initial, Correction, Update, & Cancel
  24. What does "Top" stand for and where is it located
    Tactical operations plot, 09 level (behind the bridge)
  25. What does ASTAC stand for
    Antisubmarine tactical air controller
  26. Name all the modules in CDC
    Air D & T, Surface D & T, D &D, EW, ASW, Top, AIC
  27. What is the effective range of Ram? What type of missile does ram use?
    Range - 3NM, Missile Rim-116
  28. What is the range of the SPS-67
    55 NM/ 100 NM
  29. What is the effective range of the NSSMS Radar & the missile
    Radar - 50 + NM

    Missile - 12 NM
  30. Where are the Gyros located
  31. What does CSOSS stand for and what is it's purpose
    Combat Systems Operation Sequencing System - Maintain highest level of readiness
  32. What is the pitsword and where is it located
    It gives the ships speed through the water
  33. What is an "OPRER" Navy Blue Message used for
    Notifies the CNO of the any incidents that are of press interest
  34. Name all the modules in CDC
    • Air D&T
    • Surface D&T
    • D&D
    • EW
    • ASW
    • Top
    • AIC
  35. What does "Hero" stand for and what is the purpose
    Hazards of electromagnetic radiations to ordnance

    Procedures/ Precautions necessary to prevent the accidental initiation of ammunition
  36. What is the length of the ship
    1098 FT
  37. What does RAM stand for and how many do we have
    Rolling airframe missile, 2
  38. What is the primary & secondary surface search radar
    Primary (sps -67)

    Secondary (sps - 49)
  39. Where are RAM'S located and what are the modes of operation
    • FWD/Port
    • AFT/STBD

    -Local & Remote
  40. What are the duties of the CSOOW
    Responsible for tracking the status of all CS Gear and their spaces
  41. What does CSRO stand for
    Combat Systems Readiness Officer
  42. What is the time frame to release a flash message
    10 minutes or less
  43. What is the purpose of data links
    For the exchange of tactical data amongst ships and aircraft
  44. What is another name for the C-2 Greyhound
    Carrier Onboard Delivery (COD)
  45. Name the 3 radars used in CATCC
    SPN 41/43/46
  46. What is the primary air search radar?

    What is the secondary air search radar
    • SPS-48 (primary)
    • SPS-49 (secondary)
  47. Name 3 security classifications
    Secret, Top Secret, Confidential, Unclassified
  48. SSBN
    Fleet Ballistic Missile Submarine
  49. What does ASTAB stand for and what is their purpose
    Automated status board, television monitors that display various data
  50. How many NSSMS target can be displayed at one time? Engaged at one time?
    4 Displayed/2 Engaged
  51. What is an LCC
    Amphibious Command Ship
  52. What is an LPD
    Amphibious Transport Dock
  53. What does AIC stand for
    Air Interceptor Controller
  54. What does SSDS stand for
    Ships Self Defense System
  55. How far can CIWS search, track and engage a target
    • Search - 5 NM
    • Track - 3 NM
    • Engage - 1 NM
  56. What are the 4 components of a weapons system
    Detect, Direct, Deliver, Destroy
  57. What is a PC
    Patrol Craft
  58. What is the code name of Link-11, Link-16 & Link -4A
    • 4A (Dolly)
    • 11 (Alligator)
    • 16 (Timber)
  59. What is the frequency range of HF
    3-30 MHZ
  60. What does "CASREP" stand for
    Casualty Report
  61. How many .50 CAL mounts are onboard & where are they located
    10 Mounts and Weather Decks (360 Degree Coverage)
  62. What is a Mis-Fire
    Nothing happens when fire action is initiated
  63. What does EMCON stand for
    Emissions Control
  64. What does red deck, amber deck, & green deck mean
    Red - ship not read for flight operations, foul deck

    Amber - Helo operations, 2 Min to launch

    Green - ready for flight operations
  65. How many missiles can the NSSMS launcher hold
    8 missiles
  66. What does IFF stand for, and how many modes
    Identify friend or foe / 5 modes
  67. What does ''CSTT" stand for and what does it do
    Combat System Training Team

    Responsible for training personnel involved in ships combat systems
  68. What is a Hot Gun
    300 or more rounds are fire within a 5 minute period
  69. What is an MCM
    Mine Counter Measure
  70. What data does METOL provide
    To ensure the ship has the most up to date weather info, that nothing will interfere with ships operation in any way
  71. What does Tacan stand for
    Tactical Air Navigation
  72. What is our primary fire control radar
    SPQ 9B
  73. What is the max rate of fire for CIWS
    4500 per min max load out 1550

    3,000 surface
  74. What is the ships top speed
    30 + knots
  75. What is hang fire
    Delay of Fire
  76. What is the mission of the SH-60
    SAR anit-sub vertrep personnel transfer
  77. What is WQC-2
    Gertrude, underwater telephone used to talk to Subs
  78. What are the missions of CDC & what does CDC stand for
    Provide the bridge with the current tactical picture, decipher and disseminate pertinent mission data.

    Combat Direction Center
  79. What does Furuno Mean
    A commercial, color, navigation radar
  80. What are the 4 physical stages to RF radiation
    1. Hair on body stand straight up

    2. Warm glowy sexation in chest

    3. Red Burn circle in chest area

    4. Death
  81. What are the missions of the TAO and where does he work from
    Self defense of the ship/navigation during GQ and man overboard/weapons release authority, works from D&D.
  82. How long is the Nixie Reel
    1600 FT
  83. Where would you find the SLQ-32 operator
    EW module
  84. What antenna is nicknamed "spider"
  85. What antennas are nicknamed "stubbies"
  86. Where are the CIWS mounts located

  87. What is the frequency range of VHF
    30-300 MHZ
  88. What is the Frequency range of UHF
  89. What is the frequency range of SHF and what is it used for
    3-30GHZ , Pot lines, and internet use
  90. What is the frequency range EHF
  91. What does CIWS stand for and how many mounts are on board
    Closed in weapons systems, 2
  92. What is an LHA
    Amphibious Assault Ship
  93. What does CATTCC stand for
    Carrier Air Traffic Control Center
  94. What does CSOOW stand for
    Combat Systems Officer of the Watch
  95. What does CVIC stand for
    Carrier Intelligence Center
  96. How many Gyros do we have onboard and what type
    2 Gyros & 7WSN
  97. What type of missile does the NSSMS use
  98. What is the mission of the F/A-18
    Fighter/Attack Aircraft

    Warheads on Foreheads
  99. What are the nicknames for the SPN-41, SPN-43, SPN-46 Radars
    41- Bullseye

    43- Marshall

    46- Easy Rider (Needles)
  100. How many potable pumps are there

    • 2 in 1MMR
    • 2 in 2MMR
  101. What is the purpose of the HPAC
    Starting EDG, Pneumatic automatic controls, supplies back up to LP air system
  102. What is "CRA" and what does he do
    Chemical Radiological Assistant

    Responsible to RO for maintaining chemistry in the reactor & steam plants along with radiological concerns
  103. What are the responsibilities of the load dispatcher
    Responsible to the EOOW regarding load distribution
  104. What type of fuel is used onboard HST
    Enriched Uranium-235
  105. First NUC destroyer
    USS Bainbridge
  106. What does "NPMTT" stand for
    Nuclear Propulsion Mobile Training Team
  107. What advantages are nuclear propulsion over fossil fuel
    • -50% more Weps capacity
    • -stay on station longer
    • -Faster 5 days faster conus to med than CV's
    • -Less vulnerable to fire damage
    • -Require fewer support ships
  108. Name a division of reactor
    • RA - Auxilary
    • RL- Laboratory
    • RM- Mechanical
    • RE - Electrical
    • RXDC - Damage Control
    • TPL- Technical Pub Library
    • RP- Propulsion
    • RC- Controls
  109. How many GAL of water does the distilling units produce in a day
    100,000 gals each unit

    4 units
  110. Name a load that runs off of main steam

    Main engine

  111. Who is the Father of Naval Nuclear Power
    Admiral Hyman Rickover
  112. What does MPA stand for
    Main Propulsion Assistant
  113. Who is the RO
    CDR Curtis
  114. What color hat does reactor wear
    Red maroon or Crimson Red
  115. What was the 1st Nuclear Power Vessel
    USS Nautilus SSN 571
  116. What was the 1st Nuclear Power Carrier
    USS Enterprise (CVN-65)
  117. Can the HST run off 1 reactor, if so how
    Yes, by cross connecting the steam piping
  118. What do ELT'S do
    work for the CRA & is responsible to the RO for maintaining chemistry in the reactor & steam plants along with radiological concerns & is responsible to the PPOW
  119. How many potable water tanks are there
    26 tanks

    11 - are under 1MMR

    15 - are under 2 MMR
  120. Where are the reboilers located
    1A & 4B Shaft Alleys
  121. What's the normal steaming line-up electrical
    All 4 generators providing electrical power
  122. What is the basic refer cycle
    • Compression
    • Condensation
    • Expansion
    • Evaporation
  123. Where does the PPWO stand watch & who is he responsible to
    Enclosed Operation Station (EOS)

    Responsible to the EOOW
  124. What is "ORSE" and how often does it occur
    Operational reactor safe guard exam

    It occurs every year
  125. What is the purpose of the emergency bilge suction on the main circulating pump and how much can it discharge over the side
    Pump water out of the bilges in an emergency

    -5000 GPM
  126. What type of power plant does the HST use

    Pressurized water reactor
  127. Where are the HPAC located
    2 FWD MMR 1

    2 AFT MMR 2
  128. How many distilling plants are on board HST
  129. Where are the main engines located
    1/4 in 1MMR

    2/3 in 2MMR
  130. What is a "TLD"
    Thermal Luminescent Dosimeter

    measure how much radiation a person has been exposed to

    required to be worn by all reactor PPL
  131. What is the bearing outside the ship next to the screw
    Strut Bearing
  132. What's the difference between potable water and feedwater
    Potable Water - in use for crew living

    Feedwater - purified & used for reactor operations
  133. What is a RMA
    Reactor Mechanical Assistant
  134. What does it mean to trail shaft
    No steam is applied to main engine & the shaft spins freely
  135. How many reboilers do we have onboard and where are they located

    -1A & 4B shaftalley
  136. What is the PSI for the HPAC's
    4200 PSI
  137. What's the purpose of the main condenser
    Condenses gas to water from the main engine and sends it back to through the feed system
  138. Explain the basic heat transfer process
    • -Generation
    • -Expansion
    • -Condensation
    • -Feed
  139. What's the purpose of the ship's service turbine generators (SSTG)
    Converts steam to electrical power
  140. What do the reboilers load
    • -Water heater
    • -Scullery
    • -Commissary
  141. What type of distilling units do we have
    Low pressure, 6 stage, flash type
  142. What was the 1st Nuclear Power surface ship
    USS Long Beach CGN 9
  143. What does "EOS" stand for and what it's purpose
    Enclosed operation station

    -maintains control of the reactor in the event of a main space casualty
  144. How do we purify potable water
    P-Wedges, 2 located in each MMR, use electricity and salt

    -Alternative Bromide Cartridges & Hypocloride
  145. What is the potable water tanks total cap
    485, 859 Gal
  146. What is an "ELT"
    Engineering Laboratory Technician
  147. What is the last bearing to penetrate the ship from the inside
    Stearn tube bearing
  148. What is the purpose of SCRAM
    Rapid insertion of control rods to shut down the reactor
  149. What does RAM stand for
    Radio Active Material
  150. What is EOOW
    Engineering Officer of the Watch
  151. What are 3 watches stood in DCC by reactor
    • -EOOW
    • -Water Controller
    • -Load dispatcher
  152. What is the strut bearing lubricated with
    Sea Water
  153. What is the output of the SSTG's & EDG's in volts, amps, MEGA-Watts, & Kilowatts
    • 4160 V
    • 1388 AMPS
    • 8 Mega Watts
    • 8000 Kilo watts
  154. Low pressure air compressors are rated at what pressure
    125 PSI
  155. What is the function of the astern throttle valve
    The valve when opened lets steam into the low pressure turbine's astern elements allowing the ship to slow down or go in reverse
  156. What is the purpose of the ahead throttle valve
    This valve when opened lets steam into the high pressure turbine allowing the ship to go forward
  157. Where are the distilling plants located
    2 - 1MMR

    2 - 2MMR
  158. What is meant by the reactor is critical
    Normal Operation (Stable)
  159. How many EDG do we have onboard
    • - 4
    • - 2 FWD
    • - 2 AFT

    In each emergency diesel generator room
  160. What is drag circle
    Pe-lor-us plus hawsepipe
  161. Who wears a green hard hat
    Signal Man
  162. What shot is the 5th shot of the anchor chain
    White with 5 white links on each side
  163. What does "stream" stand for
    Standard tension replenishment alongside method
  164. What does "IALA" stand for
    International Lighthouse Authorities
  165. What are the colors on the P&D lines
    Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, White, Green
  166. What is 1st substitute for absentee
    Commodore is ashore
  167. What does bridge crane do
    moves stopper & Hawspipe
  168. Detachable link color sequence
    • 1 - Red
    • 2 - White
    • 3 - Blue
    • 5 - White
    • 11 - Yellow
    • 12 - Red
  169. How many stations do we have to take on fuel and whats the names
    3 stations

    stations 5/11/13
  170. What does a gypsy witch do

    What does a caspain do
    Hall in/pay out line

    Cylinder device used to heave in line
  171. What is the 2nd substitute
    Chief of Staff Ashore
  172. What is a gypsy
    Horizontal drum
  173. What is the RHIB max capacity

    Book says 16
  174. What is the Lima Flag
    Hero Flag
  175. What do 3 Black Balls indicate
    Vessel aground
  176. What is the Bravo Flag
    Fuel & Ordnance
  177. What color hard hat do riggers wear
  178. What kind of smoke floats do we have

    Where is it located and what is it use for
    • -MK 58
    • -Fantail
    • -Man Overboard
  179. Term Catinary
    Dip in the line
  180. Where are stations 5/11/13 located
    5 - metal & trash

    11- Outer CO P-way

    13 - Officer quarter deck
  181. Name 2 animals in the focsle
    • Bridge Craine
    • Pelican Hook
    • Bull Nose
    • Wild Cat
    • Monkey Fist
    • Camel Humps
    • Frog Feet
    • Alligator Back
  182. What is slack
    To ease out a line
  183. How many cargo stations do we have
  184. What are 3 common types of man over board recovery
    ship, helo, rhib
  185. What does the oscar flag indicate
    Man overboard
  186. Where did our chains come from
    USS Saratoga
  187. Our anchors came from where
    USS Forestal
  188. Who is overall in charge on the bridge when CO is not on Bridge
  189. What color hard hat does safety wear on station
    White with Green Cross
  190. name items stored in life rafts
    • -Water, food
    • -Distilling kit, flares
    • -Fishing Equipment
    • -Mirror
    • -Ors
    • -Lifeboat repair kit
    • -Sea anchor
  191. What is Vertrep
    Vertical Replenishment
  192. What color hat does OOD wear
  193. What does 1 Black Ball indicate
  194. What does EASE mean
    To do something slowly and keep strain off line
  195. What is hold
    To not allow line to run out or take in
  196. What is a turnbuckle
    Tighten or loosen something down
  197. What are the purposes of the stern dock
    Liberty boats
  198. What does PAPA flag for
    Personnel Recall
  199. How much chain all together
    24 ft

    12 on each side
  200. What are the colors of detachable links
    Red, White, Blue
  201. Length of Chain
    1080 FT
  202. What is the mobi system
    Personal saltwater or manually activated alarm system that AID's in detection, location & recovery of man overboard
  203. What color is the danger shot
  204. How many whistle are given for man overboard
    5 Police Whistle
  205. What is the NAV lights in regards to restricted maneuvering
    Red, white, Red
  206. Who do the Helm & Lee Helm make all reports to
    Conning Officer
  207. How do you measure line, wire rope & small stuff
    Line - measured by circumference

    Wire rope - diameter

    Small stuff - any line

    13/4" or less in circumference
  208. What is the safe distance from all chocks, cleats, gypsy heads and capstans
    6 ft
  209. Chain stopper does what
    Secures the chain and is a quick release
  210. name the Cargo stations and their colations
    7 & 9 HB2

    17 & 19 HB3
  211. Term Avast
    means stop you have reached the lines SWL
  212. What is a magnetic compass
    Compass that points to magnetic north
  213. Where does a gyro compass point towards
    True North
  214. What do the Helmsman do
    Helmsman- ship on course/Nav

    Lee Helmsman - speed of ship
  215. 4th Absentee is what
    Civilian or military official
  216. What is a capstan
    Vertical Drum
  217. What is a hausepipe
    A large pipe that anchor runs through
  218. Whats a bitt
    Medal cylender

    Morning lines are secured to them
  219. What is a Pelican Hook
    at the end of a turnbuckle passed over a link of chain
  220. What is a chock and a cleat
    Metal Fitting

    Serves as a lead for lines to pier or other ships

    Metal horns, lines are belayed
  221. What does it mean to check line
    Keep a strain on the line ease it out
  222. How many life rafts do we have onboard
  223. What is the purpose of the fantail watch
    Life Bouy Watch
  224. What is Hawser
    Any line over 5" in circumference
  225. What is the Bull Nose
    FWD most chock on the Focsle
  226. What is the Quebec Flag for
    Small boat recall
  227. What hard hat does winch operator wear

    What he does - heave in all line
  228. What is the safest distance between ships during unrep
    180 FT
  229. What does the Rhib crew consist of for man over board
    • -Coxswain
    • -Boat Engineer
    • -SAR swimmer
    • -Boat Officer
  230. What is DR
    Dead Reckoning
  231. Term take in
    To heave a line
  232. Pad eyes at cargo stations are what kind
    sliding padeyes
  233. What is the function of the P & D line
    Communication between 2 ships & mark the distance between both ships
  234. Tattle tale card, what is it
    Small Stuff, when line reaches SWL
  235. Where is the bridge crawe or P & C located
    up FWD in the Focsle
  236. What is the SWL for the B & A crane

    Where are the B&A crane
    50,000 lbs

    on the FD StBD side
  237. What is a sexton
    Celestial Navigation
  238. How many mooring lines is onboard HST
    12 + 2 storm lines
  239. What does RHIB stand for

    How long is it
    Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat

    7 meters (24ft)
  240. What do steady lines do
    Steady the Rhib as you raise and lower
  241. Types of Chain Stoppers
    Housing and Riding
  242. Type Anchor and Weight
    MK-2 Standard Stocklace & 30 tons
  243. Whats a long splice
    Long splice connects 2 lines without changing circumference
  244. What does P&D stand for
    Phone and Distance
  245. Safe working load for lifting Rhib
  246. What is Swing Circle
    Anchor chain plus length of ship
  247. 3rd absentee is what
  248. What is the BMOW responsibilities
    All watch standers on the bridge
  249. Who is responsible of the safe navigation of the ship
  250. What do detachable links do
    Connect chains together
  251. What does ball over ball day shape indicate
    Vessel not under command
  252. What is the code/Flag A
  253. Name the 4 watches deck stands underway
    • -BMOW
    • -HELM
    • -LEE HELM
  254. Who orders Abandon Ship
  255. What does a BM carry in his/her front breast pocket & there rear back pocket
    • Front - Boatswains pipe
    • Back - Marline Spike
  256. Who receives 4 bells
  257. What station is only sending fuel station
    Station 21
  258. What knots should ship be at during unrep
    12-16 knots
  259. What is the Kilo Flag
    Man Working Aloft
  260. How many shots are on the anchor chain
    12 Shots
  261. What color is a caution shot
  262. Who wears a yellow hard hat
    Rig Captain
  263. How far apart are the marks on the P&D line
    20 FT
  264. What is the NAV lights for man overboard
    Red, Red
  265. Term Cast Off
    To throw a line
  266. What are the characteristics of the MK-58
    Smoke & Flames
  267. What does Ball Diamond Ball day shape indicate
    Restricted maneuvering
  268. Where are the 2 places you can steer the ship

    AFT Steering
  269. When was the voyage of the great white fleet
    16 DEC 1907
  270. What does SECDEF stand for and who is he
    Secretary of Defense

    Chuck Hagel
  271. What is the significance of the battle of Guadalcanal
    The death of the Sullivan Brothers

    Allied forces defeated the Japanese at the Solomon Islands Nov 1942
  272. What was the significance of Normandy
    Largest amphibian operations in history June 6, 1944
  273. When and what was the battle of Leyte Gulf
    The final blow to the Japanese anvy saved the P.I.

    Oct 23, 1944
  274. What is the 10th fleet
    Fleet Cyber Command
  275. How many guns are on ships of line
  276. How many guns are on Sloops of War
  277. When was the attack on the USS Cole and where did it take place
    12 Oct 2000

  278. What does EDVR stand for and what does it mean
    Enlisted Distribution Verification Report

    A monthly statement of an activities enlisted personnel
  279. What are the 5 Characteristics of terrorist operations
    • Political
    • Pychological
    • Violent
    • Dynamic
    • Deliberate
  280. What are the 7 principles of Naval Logistics
    • Responsiveness
    • Simplicity
    • Flexibility
    • Economy
    • Attainability
    • Sustainability
    • Survivability
  281. What are the characteristics of terrorist cell
    Each cell has a higher level of contact, each cell operates independently, destroying or capturing a cell does not necessarily lead to finding out more about the organization
  282. What are the 6 area's of Naval Doctrine
    • Command & Control
    • Operations
    • Warfare
    • Logistics
    • Intelligence
    • Planning
  283. What does UCMJ stand for
    Uniform Code of Military Justice
  284. When is the Navy's Birthday
    13 Oct 1775
  285. What does MSC stand for and what is its AOR
    Military Sealift Command

    AOR- Worldwide
  286. What does Tycom stand for and who is our Tycom
    Type commander

  287. What does SECNAV stand for and who is he
    Secretary of the Navy

    Ray Maybus
  288. What does CNO stand for and who is he
    Chief of Naval Operations

    ADM Johnathan Greenert
  289. What is 5th Fleet AOR
    Indian Ocean
  290. What does "RAM" stand for
    Random Anti-Terrorism measures
  291. What is the 10th General Order
    To salute all officers & colors & standards not cased
  292. What it the 9th general order
    To call the OOD in any case not covered by instruction
  293. What is the 8th General order
    To give the alarm in case of fire or disorder
  294. What is the 7th General order
    To talk to no one except in the line of Duty
  295. What is the 6th General Order
    To receive, obey and pass on to the sentry who relieves me, all orders from the CO, XO, and OOD and officers and petty officers of the watch only
  296. What is the 5th General order
    To quit my post only when properly relieved
  297. What is the 2nd General order
    To walk my post in a military manner keeping always on the alert and observing everything that takes place within sight and hearing
  298. What is the 3rd General order
    To report all violations of orders I am instructed to enforce
  299. What is the 1st General order
    To take charge of this post and government property in view
  300. What is the 11th General order
    To be especially watchful at night and during the time for challenging to challenge all persons on or near my post and to allow no one to pass without proper authority
  301. What is the 4th General order
    To repeat all calls from posts more distant from the guard house than my own
  302. The gun salutes are fired at what intervals
    5 second intervals always in ODD #'s
  303. What does the term deadly force mean
    Force that a person uses causing or that a person knows or should know would create a substantial risk of causing death or serious bodily harm
  304. Where does a sentry get his authority from
    Navy regulations
  305. What was the largest of the colonial warships
  306. What are the 3 defense zones
    Assessment, warning, threat
  307. How many gun salutes does a vice admiral receive
  308. How many gun salute does a commodore rate
  309. Who is the MCPON
    MCPON Rick Stevens
  310. What color hats do ATT members wear
  311. What does BRF stand for
    Basic Reaction Force
  312. What is the significance of the battle of Midway
    It was the turning point of the war in the Pacific

  313. Define Anti-Terrorism
    Defense measures taken against terrorism
  314. What does COG stand for and what is it and what are his responsibilities
    Chief of the Guard

    He is the senior security force member on the pier and is responsible for all pier watches
  315. What does SORM stand for
    Ships/Commands organization and regulations manual
  316. What is PG. 4
    Documents completed training

    Courses complete


    Enlisted Qual History
  317. What is 3rd Fleet's AOR
    Eastern & Northern Pacific
  318. What is 4th Fleets AOR
    South Atlantic Caribbean and Central and South America
  319. How many gun salutes does a rear admiral upper and lower half receive
    Upper half - 13

    Lower half - 11
  320. Describe FPCON Normal
    No threat of Terrorist Activity
  321. Define Counter-Terrorism
    Offensive measures taken against terrorism
  322. What is a PG-13
    Administrative Remarks
  323. In what defense zone is intent determined
    Warning Zone
  324. What are the requirements for a good conduct award
    No performance mark below 3.0 in any trait; no prior NJP or court marital convictions. Given every 3 years
  325. What is the 7th Fleet's AOR
    Western Pacific and is based out of Japan
  326. How many Gun Salute does an Admiral Rate
  327. What are the 3 levels of war
    Tactical operational strategic
  328. What phase of terrorist operations is "Intelligence & Surveillance"
    Phase 2
  329. What is the inner defense zone called
    The Threat Zone
  330. What does "NSF" stand for
    Naval Security Force
  331. What does "IED" & VBIED stand for
    Improved explosive device

    Vehicle - Borne IED
  332. What are the 3 major classes of warships in the continental Navy
    • - Ships of the line
    • -Frigates
    • -Sloops of War
  333. What does SRF stand for? How many personnel are on the team and how long is there response time
    Secondary reaction force

    6 people

    10 min
  334. What phase of terrorist operation is "actions on the objective"
    Phase 6
  335. What does "ATTWO" stand for
    Anti-Terrorism Tactical Watch Officer
  336. Define FPCON Bravo
    There is a more predicable terrorist threat existence but installations are not targeted
  337. What does PPR stand for
    Pre-Planned Responses
  338. What phase of terrorist operations is "Rehearsals"
    Phase 5
  339. What phase of terrorist operations is Escape and Exploitation
    Phase 7
  340. What does SORM mean
    The SORM Governs a specific units admin organization (including watches)
  341. What does it mean if the Union Jack is flown from the yard arm
    Court martial or court of inquiry is in session
  342. What are the steps of ORM
    • Identify hazards
    • Assess hazards
    • Make risk decisions
    • Implement controls
    • Supervise
  343. What phase of terrorist operations is specific target selection
    Phase 3
  344. How many guns would a frigate typically carry
  345. What is fleet forces AOR
    Atlantic Ocean
  346. What was the first Navy ship named after an enlist man
    USS Osmond (Ingram) DD 255
  347. What does SROE stand for
    Standing Rules of Engagement
  348. What is RF, how many people and what is the response time
    Reserve Force, 6 or more people, 20 min
  349. What does SROE mean
    Provides guidance in regards to when the use of Force/Deadly Force is authorized
  350. Who is the only 3 personnel that can give weapon release authority
  351. How many personnel are on a BRF Team
  352. How long does BRF have to respond
    5 min
  353. Who is our Tycom
    Commander Naval Air Forces Atlantic
  354. What is the Oldest US Navy Commissioned Vessel
    USS Constitution
  355. What is the significance of the battle of Coral Sea
    The two fleets never saw each other
  356. What color weapons does security use during drills
  357. Name the Force Protection Conditions (FPCON)
    • -Normal
    • -Alpha
    • -Bravo
    • -Charlie
    • -Delta
  358. How do terrorists identify their targets
    Terrorist attack soft targets
  359. What is the purpose of PPR's
    They are general guidelines for handling incidents they contain a list of expected notifications and actions
  360. When is FPCON Charlie set
    When intelligence indicates & attack is being planned on installations or personnel
  361. Define FPCON Delta
    Set when an incident has occurred or intelligence indicates imminent terrorist actions against specific locations
  362. What phase of terrorist operations is "Broad Target Selection"
    Phase 1
  363. What does ATT stand for
    Anti-Terrorism Training Team
  364. What is 2nd Fleets AOR
    Atlantic Ocean
  365. What is 6th Fleet's AOR
    Europe and Mediterranean
  366. Classify the refer units what type
    York/7 ton/ 6-cylinder Reciprocating motor driven VIA V-Belt
  367. Classify the A/C units

    What type
    York/363 ton

    Single Stage Centrifugal Motor Driven
  368. Where are #14 and #15 motor driven fire pumps
    #2 A/C machinery room
  369. What spaces will you find the 50lbs CO2 hose reel system
    • MMR
    • RAR
    • EDG
  370. Where are #8 and 10 A/C and load center 73
    #3 A/C machinery room (XO P-way)
  371. What does M-8 paper turn with the presence of chemical agents
    • Yellow- G Nerve
    • Green - V Nerve or Red
  372. How many Gal per minute are the motor driven fire pumps
    1000 GPM
  373. How many Gal per minute do list pumps pump
    1800 GPM
  374. How does the DCWS determine the list
  375. How many refrigeration plants
  376. What is the effective range of the portable AFFF bottle
    15 FT & Decreasing
  377. What does Gaurding mean
    Protects the turbines during certain steam plant casualties
  378. How many list tanks are there
  379. What is EOSS
    Engineering Operating Sequencing System
  380. Who is the Repo
    CWO3 Hughes
  381. What are the characteristics of a class B fire
    Burning liquids and fuels

    Black Smoke
  382. Where is #5 A/C located
    #1 MMR
  383. Where is list control pump located
    Shaft Alley 4A
  384. What does MSSS stand for
    Main Space Sanitation System
  385. Which A/C is the most FWD port of the ship
    #9 A/C
  386. What are the characteristics of a class C fire
    Electrical Fire sparks, Blue Flames
  387. What is liquid nitrogen used for
    Medical - Freeze warts

    • Shrink metal
    • Fill tires
    • Nan carts
  388. How many degaussing coils do we have and what are they

    M Coil - Horizontal

    A Coil - Vertical
  389. How do you extinguish a trough fire
  390. How many fire pumps
  391. How far can we dump trash over the side
    12 NM
  392. What does PPM stand for
    Parts Per Million
  393. Where are 1 & 2 Refers located
    #1 A/C machinery Room
  394. How many HPAC's (High Pressure Air Compressor)

    2 in each MMR on 4th deck
  395. Who is ADCA
    LTJG Van Dyke
  396. Capacities of AFFF Reserve tanks
    3500 Gal
  397. What are the 3 types shoring
  398. What are the three main material conditions of readiness
    • X-ray
    • Yoke
    • Zebra
  399. How many repair lockers does HST have
  400. What toxic gas is associated with CHT
  401. What is the voltage of the electrical distribution system
    4160 Volts
  402. Which 2 repair lockers are designated as the propulsion plant repair lockers
    4 & 5
  403. How many CHT tanks
    2 CHT tanks & 1 MSSS tank
  404. Who normally determines the list underway
  405. What is the purpose of liquid oxygen
    Pilots air

    Med/Dental uses
  406. What does APC stand for
    Aqueous Potassium Carbonate
  407. What does SCBA stand for
    Self Contained Breathing Apparatus
  408. Who is the Cheng
    CDR Rossler
  409. How far out to sea can we dump CHT
    3 NM
  410. What area is repair locker 1B Responsible for
    the whole middle part of HST
  411. What powers the ship import
    High Voltage Shore Power (HUSE)
  412. Who is the ships fire Marshall
    CWO4 Sullivan
  413. Who controls list underway
  414. What system is used to provide power when the SSTG's fail
    Emergency Diesel Generators (EDG)
  415. What are the 4 casualty agents used in chemical warfare
    • -Nerve
    • -Choking
    • -Blood
    • -Blister
  416. What color is oxygen in liquid form
    Pale Blue
  417. What are the 3 modes of CHT and what does CHT stand for
    In-Port transit At-Sea collection holding and Transfer
  418. How many MOPP levels do we have

    • -0: Not issued (Ship Yards)
    • -1: Issue
    • -2: Carry
    • -3: GQ
    • -4: Don
  419. How many blades does the screw have
  420. What does MOPP stand for
    Mission oriented protected posture
  421. What are the characteristics of a class A fire
    Anything that produces Ash
  422. Where do we get the steam
  423. Where are the reactors located
    #1 RAR

    #2 RAR
  424. How many list control pumps are there
  425. How many unit repair lockers does HST have
  426. What is the pressure of the CAT Steam
    450 PSI
  427. What does BFTT stand for
    Battle Force Training Team
  428. Where is #2 & #4 steering units
    AFT Port Steering
  429. What are the CHT tankers Capacities
    CHT - 50,000 gal

    MSSS - 250 gal
  430. What agent is used for deep fat fryer galley fires
  431. How many Rudders
  432. Can Lpac's be cross connected
  433. How many AFFF tanks
  434. In HB1 & 3 what does the red flashing light indicate
    LOX Transfer
  435. How tall is the Rudder
    29 FT
  436. What is Aeration in regards to the CHT system
    The growth of good bacteria to kill bad bacteria
  437. What are the uses for LP air
    • Dental Tools
    • FD Cameras
    • A/C plants
    • Pneumatic Tools
    • Rigging Gear
  438. When can we dump plastic over the side
  439. How many A/C plants do we have
  440. What is the color of the condenser
  441. What type of refrigerant is used in the A/C's
  442. What does MSSS Service
    Reactor deep sinks & urinals only
  443. Where is repair 7F, 7B, 7A, at
    7F - 03 level all the way up FWD FWD -128

    7B - 03 level AMID ship 128 - 180

    7A - 03 level AFT 180 - AFT (03-220)
  444. Where is repair 1F, 1B, 1A at
    1F - by OC FWD 128

    1B - by AWSE (120-180)

    1A - by AFT Trash  180 - AFT
  445. Name the Divisions in Engineering
    A, E, R, DC, MSC/QA
  446. Where is repair locker 3 at
    Back AFT outside XO's P-way  180-Stern
  447. At what max PSI is the Ewarp, Jubilee, and Soft Patches
    Ewarp - 300 PSI

    Jubilee - 100 PSI

    Soft - 150 PSI
  448. What does SCRAM stand for
    Super Critical RX AXE MAN
  449. What type of tools are used in 02N2 and why

    Non - sparking
  450. How many LPAC's (Low Pressure Air Compressure)
  451. Who is the DCA
    LCDR Culver
  452. How much air is stored in a full SCBA Bottle
    4500 PSI
  453. What is the all purpose nozzle used for
    Indirect fire fighting
  454. Name some compartment designations
    • G - Gasoline
    • J - JP-5
    • K - Chemical & Dang mat
    • V - Void
    • T - Vertical Access Trunk
  455. What color does M-9 paper turn and what agent does it detect
    Turns Red

    • G - Nerve
    • V- Nerve
    • M (blister agents)
  456. What repair locker acts as secondary DCC
    Repair 3
  457. What does the acronym IDLH stand for
    Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health
  458. What area is repair locker 7F responsible for
    -03 level and above except FD with airwing embarked FWD of Frame 128
  459. After completion of hot work, how long must eh fire watch stay on station
    30 min or cool to the touch whichever longer
  460. What is the AFFF concentration to water ratio
    6% concentrate to 94% water
  461. What type of refrigerant is used in the refers
  462. What is special about the deck in the 02N2 plants
    The Deck is aluminum
  463. Where is repair locker 4 at
    Behind security window 96 -128
  464. Where is repair locker 5 at
    Aft Mess decks by the drink machines 128-180
  465. Where is repair locker 2 at
    FWD on 2nd (WEPS female Berth) Bow - 96
  466. Location of 02N2
    HB1 (Port) & HB3 (STBD)
  467. Which lockers has the most unit lockers
    Repair 3
  468. What does FFE, EEBD, NFTI, PECU stand for
    • Fire fighters ensemble
    • Emergency escape breathing device (10 MIN)
    • Naval firefighters thermal imager
    • Portable exothermk cutting unit
  469. Name the watch stations in DCC
    • -Load center rover
    • -DCWS (CAO) Chief Aux Operator
    • -IEW (Import Engineering Watch)
    • -EOOW
    • -Load Dispatcher
    • -Water Control
    • -Sounding  & Security
    • -AUX Rover
  470. Where is 3, 4 and 5 Refer located
    #2 A/C Machinery Room
  471. Name the Modes of Steering
    • -Non- Follow up
    • -Automatic
    • -Emergency
    • -Trick Wheel
    • -Hand Electric
  472. Classify the Reduction Gears
    • Articulated double helical
    • Locked train
    • Double reduction

    -To reduce speed from the turbine to the shaft
  473. What is required for CHT Clean up
    • -Tyvek Coveralls
    • -Rubber Boots
    • -Rubber Gloves
    • -Face Shield
    • -Beta Dine
  474. Name things found in the MSDS
    • Manufactor
    • First Aid
    • Flash point
    • Disposal methods
  475. Describe oily waste
    oil that has been mixed with water or other fluids
  476. What is the supply officer primary responsibility on board
    Proper performance & administration of all supply dept function
  477. What divisions is S-8
    Shipping and receiving
  478. What does UMMIPS stand for
    Uniform military movement issue priority system
  479. What is the fleet, freight, cargo message
    Naval message sent to notify of a ship's location to receive store and or fuel
  480. What are DLRS

    What is the COG# for DLR
    Depot level repairables

    COG is 7
  481. What does AEL stand for
    Allowance Equipment list
  482. How many days can you hold hazardous waste on board
    90 days
  483. what division is S-1
    Stock Control
  484. Whats the minimum hazmat spill kits onboard
  485. What is the S-10 Division
  486. Who is the FSO
    CWO Armstrong
  487. What does navosh stand for
    Navy occupational safety and health program
  488. What MAM's
    Maintenance Assist Modules
  489. What Division is S-6
    Aviation Stores
  490. What division is S-13
  491. What division is S-7
  492. What is the discharge limitation for blackwater
    50 NM
  493. What division is primary responsible for DLR's
  494. Principal assistant for logistic is responsible for what division
    S-1, S-1A, S-6, S-8, S8A
  495. The principle assistant for service is responsible what division
    S-2, S-3, S-4, S-5, S-7, S-11
  496. Give 6 categories of Hazmat

    What is the instruction # for underway & import discharge limitations
    Flammable, Aerosol, toxic, corrosive, oxidizers, compressed gas

    Opnav Instruction 5090.1C
  497. What legislation governs the discharge of oily waste
    Clean water act
  498. What is the NSTM-650
  499. What is the procedure when discovering a HM/HW spill
    • -Report
    • -Secure Area
    • -Contain
    • -Report
  500. What divisions use the NavSup P-727
    S-2, S-3, S-4, S-5, S-7, S-11
  501. What supply pub is the afloat supply? General mess? Ships store?
    • 485- Afloat
    • 486- Mess
    • 487 - Store
  502. What determines the BDFH
    Size of the crew & ras rate
  503. What does CMP stand for
    Continuous Monitoring Program
  504. What rate use the Navsup P-487
  505. What are the assistant supply officer responsibility
    Administrations & training, principal assistant to the Suppo
  506. What rate uses the Navsup P-485
  507. What division is S-1A
    Post Office
  508. What division is S-1
    Stock Control
  509. What percent of HST inventory is DLR
  510. What are the 2 types of OPTAR
    EMRM (Equipment Maintenance Related Material)

  511. What rate uses the NavSup P-486
  512. What division is S-4
  513. What is division S-8A
  514. What divisions use the CMP
    S-1, S-2, S-3
  515. What is APL
    Allowance Part List
  516. Describe waste oil
    Oil that can no longer be refine or reused
  517. What does "NIIN" Stand for
    Naval ITEM identification number
  518. What is graywater
    Scullery, shower water
  519. What is blackwater
  520. What does NSN stand for
    National Stock Number
  521. Where can you find the MSDS
  522. HM training is how often
  523. Who's permission do you need to discharge oily waste
  524. Purpose of the ships store
    • -Crew morale
    • -Day to day living
    • -MWR support
  525. What does "BDFA" stand for
    Basic Daily Food Allowance
  526. What is the discharge limitation for paint
  527. How many digits is in a NSN
  528. What division is S-2
    Food Service
  529. When was navy cash est. & why do we have it

    To eliminate cash on board ships
  530. Describe Incompatible Material
    Any substance that react that may cause death and/or bodily harm
  531. What are MAM's used for
    Trouble Shooting
  532. What is split pay

    How does it work

    What is DDS
    Sailors can have a portion of their pay sent directly to their Navy Cash accounts each day.

    Direct deposit system
  533. What are bulkhead ready spares
    Ready to use parts for emergency until new part is ordered.

    Use in machinery space
  534. What division is S-5
    Hotel Service & wardroom
  535. In no galley or personnel available, what kind of rations are served

  536. What is the breakdown of the BDFA
    • 20% Breakfast
    • 40% Lunch
    • 40% Dinner
  537. Where is the cosal located at
  538. What division is S-11
    CPO Mess
  539. Describe the endurance level for loading subsistence
    To maintain a level 35-45 days
  540. Describe Hazardous waste
    Any waste that can harm the environment & human health
  541. What does Cosal stand for
    Coordinated Shipboard Allowance List
  542. What is the discharge limits for plastic
  543. How many digits are in a NIIN
  544. What is the never out list
    Items the ship can not go without

    Toilet paper, soap, paper, rags, papertowels
  545. What does OPTAR STAND FOR
    Operating Target
  546. What does MSDS stand for
    Material Safety Data Sheet
  547. How far out to sea can we dump garbage
    3 NM
  548. What items are found in a spill response kit
    Absorbent Pad, Coveralls, Goggles
  549. Name the PPE use for Hazmat
    Boots, Rubber Apron, Rubber Gloves
  550. How do we discharge plastic and or paint out to sea for a period of time
  551. Define Compress Gas
    Gas in a cylinder that is under extreme pressure
  552. Who is the Suppo

    What is OSI
    CDR Clark

    Operating space items consumables nessary for safety care up keep of ship
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