Unit Clerk

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  1. Code BLUE
    Cardiac Arrest
  2. Code RED
  3. Code WHITE
  4. Code YELLOW
    Missing patient
  5. Code GREEN
  6. Code BROWN
    Chemical Spill
  7. Code BLACK
    Bomb threat
  8. Code PURPLE
    Hostage taking
  9. Code ORANGE
    Disaster/Multi casual incident
  10. Code GREY
    Severe weather/Facility systems
  11. Code 66
    • Medical Emergency
    •             - Can turn into a blue
  12. 4 descriptions needed for a Code YELLOW (Missing patient)
    • Age
    • Height
    • Weight
    • Clothing
  13. 3 Phases of a Code GREEN (Evacuation)
    • Phase 1: Unit to Unit
    • Phase 2: Floor to Floor
    • Phase 3: Hospital Relocation Site
  14. 4 Relocation sites for a Phase 3 evacuation
    • Cypress Centre
    • Medicine Hat High School
    • Crescent Heights High School
    • Medicine Hat College
  15. Bomb Threat Announcement
    "Code Black. All personnel return to workstation. Emergency response team report." (3x)
  16. Code Orange (Disaster/multi casual incident) announcement
    "Code Orange. Charge nurses and nursing supervisor must meet as emergency response team." (3x)
  17. 4 Colors of a Code Orange (Disaster/Multi Casual Incident) and Meaning
    • GREEN: Stable, Minor injuries
    • YELLOW: Potentially unstable
    • RED: Unstable, with life threatening Conditions
    • BLACK: Deceased
  18. How to announce an emergency Code (Adult, and child)
    • Dial 777, wait for overhead to beep 3 times and announce code 3x.
    •      -Adult: "Code "color" (location)(include main or sub)
    •      -Pediatric: "Pediatric Code "color" (location) (include main or sub)
  19. Airborne Precaution sign Color
  20. Airborne and contact precaution sign color
  21. Droplet precaution sign color
  22. Contact Precaution Sign Color
  23. Contact and droplet precaution sign color
  24. Airborne Precautions (blue) info
    • single room w/ negative air pressure
    • door closed
    • N95 mask needed

    Examples: measles
  25. Airborne and Contact Precaution(purple) info
    • single room w/ negative pressure
    • door closed
    • N95 mask, gown, and gloves needed

    examples: chicken pox, shingles
  26. Droplet precautions(orange) info
    • Single room
    • door remain open
    • patient must wear mask, and gown when leaving
    • visitors wear mask and gown entering

    examples: Mumps, pertussis, rubella
  27. Contact Precaution (green) info
    • single room
    • door remain open
    • Test every patient that's been in hospital for last 6 months for VRE, and MRSA
    • gown and gloves needed
  28. Contact and Droplet Precautions (yellow) info
    • single room recommended
    • mask, gown and gloves needed
    • patient wear everything when leaving,
    • visitors wear everything upon entering

    examples: RSV
  29. NUM
    Nursing Unit Manager
  30. RN
    Registered Nurse
  31. PTA
    physio therapy assistant
  32. LPN
    Licensed Practical Nurse
  33. RT
    Respiratory Therapist
  34. SUC
    Student Unit Clerk
  35. NA
    Nursing Assistant
  36. UC
    Unit Clerk
  37. Whole Hospital paging number
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