Ch 7 Words Part 1

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  1. blood
    • transport O2, CO2, hormones, enzymes, nutrients and waste throughout the body
    • protects against infectious disease and helps regulate body temperature
    • contains RBC, WBC, platelets, plasma
  2. lymph
    • protection from infectious disease
    • recycles fluids from the extracellular environment to the blood stream
    • carries the components of immunity: WBC and the products they sue to fight infection
  3. hematologist/ hematopathologist
    a physician specializing in the treatment of blood disease
  4. immunology
    body’s ability to defend against infection
  5. virology
    study of viruses
  6. bacteriology
    study of bacteria
  7. anisocytosis
    presence of red blood cells of unequal size
  8. bacteremia
    the presence of bacteria in a sample of blood (sign of infection)
  9. erythropenia/ erythrocytopenia
    abnormally reduced number of red blood cells in a sample of blood
  10. hemolysis
    rupture of red blood cells may occur if blood transfusion not compatible with the recipients blood
  11. hemorrhage
    abnormal loss of blood from circulation, sign of trauma
  12. leukopenia/ leukocytopenia
    abnormally reduced number of white blood cells
  13. macrocytosis
    presence of abnormally large blood cells
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