Ch 7 Words Part 4

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  1. hematoma
    • bruise
    • mass of blood outside blood vessels and confined within an organ or space within the body
  2. hemoglobinopathy
    disease that affects hemoglobin within the RBC
  3. hemophilia
    inherited bleeding disorder that results from defective or missing blood clotting proteins needed for coagulation
  4. hemorrhagic fever
    infectious disease that causes internal bleeding or internal hemorrhage and high fever
  5. Hodgkin’s disease/ Hodgkin’s lymphoma
    malignant form of cancer of lymphatic tissue that causes progressive enlargement of lymph nodes, fatigue, and deficiency of immune response
  6. iatrogenic disease
    condition caused by medical treatment
  7. idiopathic disease
    disease that develops without a known or apparent cause
  8. immunodeficiency
    condition resulting from defective immune response (insufficient number of WBC (lymphocytes))
  9. immunocompromised
    patient suffering from immunodeficiency
  10. immunosuppression
    reduction In immune response due to disease or chemical, pharmacological or immunologic agent
  11. incompatibility
    combination of two blood types that result in destruction of RBC
  12. infection
    multiplication of disease causing microorganisms or pathogens in the body
  13. infectious disease
    disease caused by infection
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