Ch 7 Words Part 5

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  1. inflammation
    • physiological process that serves as the body’s initial response to injury and leads to swelling of body tissue
    • fluid movement from capillaries into extracellular space to produce edema
  2. influenza
    viral disease characterized by fever and acute inflammation of respiratory mucous membranes
  3. leukemia
    cancerous tumor that spreads throughout the red bone marrow transforming the blood forming tissue into a dysfunctional mass that produces abnormal WBC
  4. lymphadenitis
    inflammation of lymph nodes
  5. lymphoma
    malignant tumor originating in lymphatic tissue
  6. malaria
    disease caused by parasitic protozoan that infects red blood cells in the liver during different parts of its life cycle
  7. measles/ rubeola
    acute viral disease that often begins as a fever, then development of skin rash containing numerous vesicles and often accompanied by a general inflammation of the respiratory tract
  8. mononucleosis/ infectious mononucleosis
    viral disease characterized by enlargement of lymph nodes and spleen
  9. necrosis
    death of one or more cells or a portion of tissue or organ
  10. nosocomial infection
    infectious disease that is contracted during a hospital stay
  11. plague
    • infectious disease that is widespread and causes extensive mortality
    • transmitted by the bite of a flea
  12. rabies/ hydrophobia
    • viral infection that is spread from the saliva of an infected animal usually by way of bite
    • affects CNS and causes paranoia and paralysis, usually fatal
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