Ch 7 Words Part 7

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  1. antiretroviral therapy
    • pharmacological therapy that is useful in battling viruses that then to mutate quickly (retrovirus)
    • used against HIV
  2. attenuation
    process where pathogens are rendered less virulent or infectious prior to their incorporation into a vaccine
  3. autologous transfusion
    blood transfusion donated by patient for their own personal use
  4. blood chemistry
    test or series of tests on a sample of plasma to measure the levels of its composition: glucose, albumin, triglycerides, pH, cholesterol and electrolytes
  5. blood culture
    • clinical test to determine infection in the blood
    • performed by placing a sample of blood in a nutrient- rich liquid medium in an effort to grow bacteria for analysis
  6. blood transfusion
    introduction of blood, blood particles, blood substitute into a patient’s circulation to restore blood volume to normal levels
  7. 2 types of blood transfusion
    • autologous transfusion
    • homologous transfusion
  8. bone marrow transplant
    • treats leukemia or injury resulting from radiation therapy or chemotherapy
    • involves the removal of sample from compatible donor usually from red marrow in the pelvis and its inoculation into the donors red marrow
  9. complete blood count
    • CBC
    • common lab test that evaluates a sample of blood to provide diagnostic information about a patient’s general health
    • contains: hemocrit, hemoglobin, RB count, WB count, platelet count
  10. differential count
    microscopic count of the number of each type of WBC in a blood sample
  11. hematocrit
    • HCT, Hct
    • procedure in CBC that measures the percentage of RBC in a volume of blood
  12. hematology
    field of medicine focusing on blood related disease
  13. hemoglobin
    • HGB, Hgb
    • procedure included in CBC that measures levels of hemoglobin in RBC
  14. hemostasis
    stoppage of bleeding
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