Ch 7 Words Part 8

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  1. homologous transfusion
    transfusion of blood that is voluntarily donated by another person
  2. crossmatching
    blood type work needed to prevent incompatibility
  3. immunization
    • treatment that establishes immunity against a particular foreign substance that may otherwise cause disease
    • creates memory lymphocytes and antibodies
  4. immunology
    science concerned with immunity and allergy
  5. immunotherapy
    treatment of infectious disease by the administration of pharmacological agents such as serum, gamma globulin, treated antibodies, and suppressive drugs
  6. lymphadenectomy
    surgical removal or one or more lymph nodes
  7. platelet count
    • PLT
    • lab procedure that calculates the number of platelets in a known volume of blood
    • low PLT shows difficulty in coagulation
  8. prophylaxis
    treatment that tends to prevent the onset of infection or other type of disease
  9. red blood count
    • RBC
    • lab test included in CBC that measures the number of RBC within a given volume of blood
  10. splenectomy
    • surgical removal of the spleen
    • may be due to injury or rupture
  11. thrombolysis
    treatment that is performed to dissolve an unwanted blood clot or thrombus
  12. thrombus
    blood clot
  13. vaccination
    inoculation of foreign substance that has reduced virulence or the ability to cause infection as means of providing a cure or prophylaxis
  14. vaccine
    preparation that is used to activate immune response to provide acquired immunity against infectious agent
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