Human Blood Vessels

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  1. The arterial system has one of these; the venous system has two
    Brachiocephalic arteries
  2. These arteries supply the myocardium
    Coronary arteries
  3. Two paired arteries serving the brain
    • Internal carotid artery
    • Vetebral artery
  4. Longest vein in lower limb
    Great saphenous vein
  5. Artery on the dorsum of foot checked after surgery
    Dorsalis pedis artery
  6. Supplies the diaphragm
    Phrenic artery
  7. Formed by the union of the radial and ulnar veins
    Brachial vein
  8. Artery serving the kidney
    Renal artery
  9. Veins draining the liver
    Hepatic veins
  10. Artery that supplies the distal half of the large intenstine
    Inferior mesenteric artery
  11. Drains the pelvic organs
    Internal iliac vein
  12. What the external iliac artery becomes on entry into the thigh
    Femoral artery
  13. Major artery serving the arm
    Subclavian artery
  14. Supplies most of small intestine
    Superior mesenteric artery
  15. Join to form the inferior vena cava
    Common iliac arteries
  16. An arterial trunk that has three major branches, which run to the liver, spleen, and stomach
    Celiac trunk
  17. Major artery serving the tissues external to the skull
    External carotid artery
  18. Artery generally used to take the pulse of the wrist
    Radial artery
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