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  1. Ammonia Nitrate can be found where and how can it be extinguished?
    Fertilizer plants, Dry chem is best. Ammonia Nitrate reacts with water to form an acid.
  2. How should one be decontaminated of chlorine?
  3. What is UEL and LEL?
    Upper and Lower Explosive Limit-the Combustible mixture range is between these 2, the more important being the LEL. If a gas and air mixture is above the LEL then the gas can ignite
  4. Common gases with a vapor density less than "1". HAHA MICEN
    Hydrogen, Ammonia, Helium, Acetylene, Methane, Illuminating Gas, Carbon Monoxide, Ethylene, Nitrogen..Hydrogen Flouride, Hydrogen Cyanide, Diborane, Neon
  5. What is Vapor Density?
    Measurement of Gas compared to AIR. Air has VD of 1
  6. What is Vapor Pressure?
    Measure of force when liquid evaporates. Rock is 0 mmHgWater is 18mmHg.Beyond 100mmHg Considered Highly Volatile
  7. What is Specific Gravity?
    Measurement of solid/liquid compared to WATER. Water has SG of 1
  8. What is solubility/ miscibility ?
    Ability to dilute in water
  9. Chlorine. VD, SG, VP, Mi
    • VD- >1
    • SG- N/A
    • VP- 6.8 ATM 
    • Mi- Yes but reacts with water to form Hydrochloric Acid
    • Gas-Greenish/Yellow Gas, 
    • Is an Oxidizer If mixed with water forms Hydrochloric Acid
  10. Ammonium Nitrate. SG VD VP
  11. S/S of Chlorine Exposure
    • Gas-Greenish/Yellow Gas
    • -Burning Eyes, nose, mouth, Rhinorrhea, Cough, choking, substernal chest pain, hypoxemia, Pulmonary Edema
  12. Properties of LPG?
    • VP-1Atm
    • VD-1.45
    • SG-N/A
    • LEL-2.1%
    • Expansion Rate LPG-270 Times
  13. Properties of LNG? Methane
    • VP-
    • VD-
    • LEL-
    • LNG-600 Times
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