Unit 9 Vocab

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  1. Tortuous
    • adj. unclear, not straightforward
    • Ex: Ren seemed like a tortuous person who would always speak in riddles
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  2. Retort
    • v. to respond sarcastically
    • Ex: If you try to speak to Weiss, you'll probably get a snappy retort instead of a conversation.
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  3. Extort
    • v. To wrongly force someone to agree to a demand
    • Ex: Cardin used Jaune's secret to extort favors from the poor boy.
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  4. Voluble
    • adj. Talkative, rapid speech
    • Ex: Nora was a voluble person, always greeting everyone with a full conversation
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  5. Convoluted
    • adj. overly complicated
    • Ex: The Beacon Academy campus was incredibly convoluted and the newbies were convinced it was part maze
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  6. Evolve
    • v. To develop or progress gradually
    • Ex: Ruby evolved from a small, insecure girl to a new-found leader
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  7. Inflexible
    • adj. Too unchangeable in character/person
    • Ex: Even after they were allies, Kanda was still inflexible and still hated Allen.
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  8. Deflect
    • v. to cause to rebound or turn aside
    • Ex: One of Crown Clown's abilities is to deflect enemy attacks
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  9. Inflection
    • n. change in pitch or tone of voice
    • Ex: When Rinali is upset, the inflections on her words are very noticeable
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  10. Adverse
    • adj. unhelpful, harmful
    • Ex: Having a parasite-type Innocence in known to have adverse effects on the owner's life-span.
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  11. Revert
    • v. To fall back into old condition
    • Ex: Lenelee's Dark Boots are able to revert to little anklets at her will.
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  12. Subvert
    • v. to undermine or invalidate
    • Ex: The Earl was furious that the 14th was able to subvert the Arc without his knowledge.
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