hawaiian studies mid term

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  1. Satawal
    tiny coral atoll in Micronesia
  2. Mau Piailug
    navigator of satawal
  3. Pwo
  4. Palu
  5. West Fayu
    • place where Mau sailed to get fish
    • home of the free lunch
  6. Why did Mau Piailug share his knowledge of navigation in with the crew oh Hokulea?
    he felt as if navigation was going to die, he wanted to keep navigation strong to continue its legacy
  7. Why does Mau travel the ocean?
    Mau traveled for food and people of the island and to connect with ancestors
  8. Why did Hokule'a sail?
    To prove that the tradition of navigation was still alive
  9. What are the multiple funcations of the canoe house of Satawal?
    socializing, building canoes, and schooling
  10. Mo'olelo
    oral traditional stories
  11. what is the function of mo'olelo?
    to pass on traditional culture
  12. What is one thing that is revealed about Polynesian voyaging tradition from each of the Tahitian mo'olelo?
    • Taa'roa- made stars for navigation
    • Terehe- Mehehune search for new homeland
    • Rata- search for what happened to his uncle
  13. What kinds of information did Sinoto add to the question of Polynesian navigating ability?
    he found the big paddle, meaning long voyaging was there there (Huahine)
  14. What kinds of information did GREEN add to the question of Polynesian navigating ability?
    Found the pottery art in Fiji which can be found in pottery art in Asia
  15. What kinds of information did KIRCH add to the question of Polynesian navigating ability?
    found bones of animals in Halawa, meaning people settled in Halawa
  16. Fiji
    Greens discovery place
  17. Halawa
    Kirch's discovery place. (Moloka'i)
  18. Huahine
    Sinotos discovery place
  19. Lapita pottery
    The pottery art that linked the Polynesian people to the Lapitaisan people in Asia
  20. Hokule'a
    the name of the voyage that sailed in 1976 from Hawaii to Tahiti
  21. Polynesia
    • "many islands" 
    • (central and pacific)
  22. Melanesia
    • "dark island"
    • this place has dark skin of ethic group
  23. Micronesia
    • "tiny islands"
    • (west pacific, north of Melanesia"
  24. Havai'i
    • birthplace of gods, kings, and land
    •  Asian/Tahitian island
  25. Ra'iatea
    Modern name for Havai'i
  26. Ta'aroa
    Tahiti god who created the world
  27. Kanaloa
    Hawaiian counter part of Ta'aroa
  28. Rumia
    Ta'aroa's egg that hatched into foundation, land, rock, and soil
  29. Why did Ta'aroa go back into the egg?
    • Tried to call out, no response.
    • There was no voice outside of the egg
  30. Opoa
    Ancient religious center found in Havai'i
  31. Terehe
    the person who disobeys the religious ceremony
  32. Tahiti Nui
    Main fish of Terehe mo'olelo
  33. According the Buck, what did Terehe's bathing during the ceremony represent in the mo'olelo of Tahiti and Havai'i?
    The sign of going against the government
  34. Rata
    • Son of Mamaerohi and Vaieros, 
    • Killed 2 monsters of the sea except for the short and long waves
  35. Tumunui
    daughter of the King into mo'olelo of Rata
  36. Mamaearohi
    mother of Rata, sister of the kind navigatiors
  37. Why did Rata leaves some of the monsters in the ocean?
    to give other navigators a challenge
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