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  1. What is the tube which connects the epididymis to the urethra in the male reproductive system ?
    Vas Deferens
  2. What is the tiny hole in an ovule through which the pollen tube enters ?
  3. The features of insect pollinated Flowers
    Large brightly coloured petals, Scent, Nectaries, small anthers inside flower, Small stigmas inside flower, Sculpted sticky pollen small amounts
  4. The features of Wind pollinated Flowers
    Small inconspicuos green petals, no scent, no nectar, large pendulus anthers outside flower, Large feathery stigma outside flower, smooth light pollen in large amounts
  5. The name of the food store in broad beans
    cotyledon containing endosperm (food store)
  6. Draw a Insect pollinated flower and lable
    Image Upload
  7. Describe the term Pollination
    The transfer of pollen grains from the anther to the stigma by wind, insects or other mediums
  8. How can plants adapt to reduce the chances of self pollination ?
    The anther can develop before the stigma or visa versa. They can also have plants with only one sex flower parts
  9. Image Upload          Name Gland A and Gland B
    • Gland A : Seminal vesicle
    • Gland B : Prostate Gland
  10. Describe the Function of the excretions from the seminal vesicle and prostate gland
    Seminal Vesicle : Produces a mucus secretion to help the motility of the sperm

    Prostate Gland : Produces an alkaline secretion to neutralise any acidic urine in the urethra as well as aiding sperm motility.
  11. What type of antibodies do pregnancy test kits use ?
    Monoclonal Antibodies. They are antibodies that only respond to only one foreign antigen
  12. What parts of the ovary develop into what parts of the fruit
    Diploid zygote divides by mitosis to form the embryo, consisting of a plumule (developing shoot), a radicle (developing root) and one or two seed leaves or cotyledons.

    The triploid endosperm nucleus develops into a food store to provide reserves for the developing embryo.

    The integuments become the seed coat or testa.

    The ovule becomes the seed.

    The ovary becomes the fruit.
  13. What happens during plant fertilisaton ?
    when a compatible pollen grain lands on the stigma, the stigma produces a sugary solution in which the pollen grain germinates, producing a pollen tube.

    The pollen tube grows down the style. It secretes enzymes as it goes, digesting its way through the tissues of the style. It amy also gain nutrienta from the digested products.

    • The pollen tube nucleus is positioed at the tip of the tube, with two male nuclei close behind.
    • the pollen tube grows through the gap between the integuments, called the micropyle and passes into the embryo sac.

    the pollen tube nucleus disintergrates presumably having completed its function of controllingthe growth of the pollen tubule.

    The tip of the pollen tube bursts open releasing the male gametes into the embryo sac and the two male nuclei enter.

    one of the male gametes fuses with the female nuclues to form a zygote

    the other male gamete fuses with both polar nuclei to form a triploid endosperm nucleus.

    thus a double fertilisation occurs, a process unique to flowering plant
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