Cápitulo 11 Verbos

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  1. Verbos
  2. alimentarse
    to feed (oneself)
  3. apoderarse (de)
    to take possession of
  4. apoyar
    to support
  5. atacar
    to attack
  6. convertirse en
    to become
  7. datar de
    to date back to
  8. desembarcar
    to disembark
  9. desolar
  10. embarcar
    to embark, to board
  11. encerrar
    to lock down, to lock up
  12. expulsar
    to throw out, to expel
  13. firmar
    to sign
  14. formar parte (de)
    to be part of
  15. gobernar
    to govern
  16. habitar
    to inhabit, to dwell
  17. huir
    to escape, to run away
  18. invadir
    to invade
  19. luchar
    to fight
  20. ocasionar
    to cause
  21. ocurrir
    to take place
  22. recorrer
    to travel through
  23. refugiarse
    to take shelter
  24. retirarse
    to retreat, to withdraw
  25. romper
    to break
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