Chapter 1 TQM

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  1. What are quality and personal values
    Personal initiative has a positive impact on business success, Quality‐focused individuals often exceed customer expectations, Quality begins with personal attitudes, Attitudes can be changed through awareness and effort
  2. What is Competitive Advantage?
    Driven by customer wants and needs, significant contribution to business success, durable and lasting, basis for further improvement,provides direction and motivation
  3. What are Quality in Business Support Functions
    Finance and Accounting, Legal Services and Quality Assurance
  4. What are the Components of Service Quality
    People, Technology
  5. What are the differences between Service and Manufacturing?
    Customer needs and performance standards are more difficult to identify and measure, Customer needs and performance standards are more difficult to identify and measure, Output is intangible, Services are produced and consumed simultaneously, Customers are often involved in actual process, Services are more labor‐intensive than manufacturing, Services handle large numbers of transactions
  6. define Quality in Services
    Service is defined as “any primary or complementary activity that does not directly produce a physical product – that is, the non‐goods part of the transaction between buyer (customer) and seller(provider).”
  7. Define Quality in Installation and Service
    Service after the sale is one of the most important factors in establishing customer perception of quality and customer loyalty.
  8. Define Quality in Finished GoodsInspection and Testing
    The purposes of final product inspectionare to judge the quality of manufacturing,to discover and help to resolve productionproblems that may arise, and to ensurethat no defective items reach the customer.
  9. Define Quality in Process Design
    Manufacturing processes must be capable of producing output that meets specifications consistently.
  10. Define Quality in Manufacturing and Assembly
    Both technology and people are essential to high quality manufacturing
  11. Define Quality in  Production Planning and Selling
    Poor quality often results from time pressures caused by insufficient planning and scheduling
  12. Define Quality in Purchasing
    not responsible for low cost procurement, but should maintain a clear focus on the quality of purchased goods and materials
  13. Define Product design
    develop technical specifications for products and production processes to meet the requirements determined by the marketing function
  14. Define Quality in Marketing
    are responsible for determining the needs and expectations of consumers
  15. What are the contemporary influences on quality? 8 of them
    Global Responsibility, Consumer Awareness, Globalization, Increasing Rate of Change, Workforce of the future, Aging Population, 21 Century Quality, Innovation
  16. Define Internal Customer
    Anyone who receives goods or services from someone else within an organization
  17. Define External customer
    Business to business
  18. Define consumer
    Ultimate buyers of goods and services
  19. What are the three types of customers
    Consumer, Internal and External
  20. Define Customer Perspective
    meeting or exceeding customer expectations
  21. Define Manufacturing Perspective
    conformance to specifications
  22. Define User Perspective
    Fitness for intended use
  23. Define Product Perspective
    quantities of product attributes
  24. Define Transcendent Perspective
  25. Motorolla was a pioneer in what?
    Reduction of defects and cycle times
  26. Who led the US quality revolution and when?
    Motorola and 1980's
  27. No quality = no sales
    No sales = ?
    No profit = ?
    Profit and Jobs
  28. Quality can provide an organization with what?
    A competitive edge
  29. What does quality provide?
    the voice of the customer critical to developing innovative products and services
  30. Quality is uniquely positioned to what?
    accelerate organizational growth through better execution and alignment
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