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  1. What fog forms occurs when ground cools rapidly due to terrestrial radiation?
    Radiation fog
  2. What is radiation fog that is less than 20 feet think?
    Ground fog.
  3. What fog occurs when a layer of warm, moist air moves over a cold surface?  And what else is required?
    Advection fog.  Wind is required for advection fog to form.
  4. What fog occurs when moist, stable air is forced up sloping land features?
    Upslope fog.  Wind is required
  5. What fog forms when cold, dry air moves over warm water?
    Steam fog.
  6. What fog occurs in cold weather when the temp is much below freezing and water vapor forms directly into ice crystals?
    ice fog
  7. What 3 things are required for a cloud to form?
    Water vapor, condensation nuclei, as well as a method to cool the air.
  8. What are the classes of low clouds and what high AGL do the extend too?
    Stratus, stratocumulus, and nimbostratus
  9. What AGL do middle clouds form and extend too?  What clouds are middle clouds?
    6,500 AGL to 20,000 AGL
  10. What AGL do high clouds form and what types are there?
    20,000 AGL.  Cirrostratus, cirrocumulus, and cirrus.
  11. what are the three stages of a thunderstorm?
    cumulus, mature stage, dissipating stage.
  12. What three things are needed for a thunderstorm?
    Lifting force, sufficient moisture, and instability.
  13. Define cumulus
    heaped or piled clouds
  14. Stratus?
    Formed in layers
  15. Cirrus
    ringlets, fibrous clouds, also high level clouds above 20,000 feet.
  16. lenticularus
    lens shaped, formed over mountains in strong winds.
  17. nimbus
    rain bearing clouds
  18. fracto
    ragged or broken
  19. alto
    high, also middle level clouds existing at 5,000-20,000 feet.
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