New-style Hellenes: gods heroes men (after Persian Wars)

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    RF krater by Niobid Painter: Apollo and Artemis killing the children of Niobe, c.460


    • The Niobids are punished for their mother’s
    • hubris. She had lots of children, remember, but Apollo and Artemis’ mother (Leto) only had the two. 

    • Scenes that could never be shown on stage
    • (also the Agamemnon one)

    Only from messenger speeches

    • Horrible retribution on tyrants and criminals by enforcers of justice
    • The pots held the themes in people’s minds
    • longer than a play which does not last.
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    • Riace bronzes
    • c460
    • Classical Style
    • NB - ostentatious dedications fell out of favour c 480BC
    • 460 is 20-30 years into Classical period
    • Warriors
    • Bronze = brown = best representation 
    • Eyes - glass or semi-precious stones
    • Found in sea
    • No fancy hair - both it and the beard are more natural = age and wisdom

    • Straight shoulders
    • Leg moves - he stands on only one
    • Hips are now angled
    • Head is not forward
    • Arms differently posed

    • B
    • More slender
    • One shoulder dipped
    • Median line moves - this marks him as High Classical
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    • Marble Spartan warrior 'Leonidas'
    • 470-460BC
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    • Left:
    • Funerary stele of youth from Nisyros 470-460 (Istanbul)
    • Right:
    • Funerary stele of warriors, from Salamis stele, c. 420
    • Round shields
    • spears
    • naked but for cloak
    • class
    • visible muscles - aristocrat could work out!
    • rich = time-rich
    • Good = Beautiful
    • Lykeas and Chairedemos?
  5. Persians
    Rulers and Ruled
    Fundamental contradiction

    And when the Persians crushed Miletos the
    Greeks began to think of themselves and the non-Greeks as fundamentally
    different. Barbarian.

    Contrast the noble naked Greek and the
    trousered Barbarian.
    The manly spear; the cowardly bow. 
    Freedom; subjection

    Severe style is only in art. Nothing austere
    in literature.

    Characteristics: simplicity, strength, vigour, rationality, intelligence

    Conveyed through proportion, sober expressions – fixed gaze showing determination and vigour, averted eyes perhaps showing thought

    Remember: anti-elitism, restraint in the
    air already – and these qualities had helped the Greeks squash the Persians; these were the qualities they had in spades and the Persians didn’t have at all.

    Persai shows the contrast:
    wealth, wealth, wealth and no wisdom or self-control

    Severe style shunned elitism, and oriental

    The Greeks reinvented representations of
    themselves – buoyant after their success, their freedom, their characteristics.
    Strong self-image now. After Persians left in 479.
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