Simple Apprehension

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  1. Intentionality
    Being referential to another. Knowledge is of Something.
  2. First Intention
    an actual being in the world, e.g., a dog.
  3. Second Intention
    a mental being, e.g.,the idea of a dog.
  4. Sign
    represents another
  5. Signatum
    the thing represented
  6. Material Sign
    has it own existence other than being a sign
  7. Formal Sign
    is only a sign and nothing else. Only Ideas.
  8. Natural Sign
    not man-made
  9. Artificial Sign
  10. Concept
    an intellectual abstraction of the essence of a thing.
  11. Comprehension
    the definition of the concept, e.g., "rational animal."
  12. Extension
    the things to which the concept applies, e.g., "all humans."
  13. Simple Concept
  14. Complex Concept
    “green apple”
  15. Concrete Concept
  16. Abstract Concept
  17. Collective Concept
    “All the feathers weigh 50 pounds.”
  18. Divisive Concept
    “Each of the feathers can be used to tickle someone.”
  19. Material Object
    the aspect or part which is being considered, e.g., “the color of the door.”
  20. Term
    a verbal or written expression of a concept. Conventional, i.e., agreed upon, as opposed to concepts, which are natural.
  21. Subject


    the term being spoken about. 

    what is being said about the subject.

    the verb “is,” which joins the Subject and the Predicate.
  22. Univocal Terms
    used in exactly the same sense: “The Poodle barks and the Doberman barks.”
  23. Equivocal Terms
    used in totally different senses: “The Doberman barks at the bark of the tree.”
  24. Analogical Terms
    used in similar, but not identical, senses: “You seem healthy. Are eggs healthy for you?”
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