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    • 고개
    • nape of the neck
  1. 고객
    a customer, client, lone traveler
  2. 고구마
    sweet potato
  3. 고궁
    an ancient palace
  4. 고급
    high rank, high salary
  5. 고래
    a whale
  6. 고마움
    gratitude, greatfulness, appreciation
  7. 고무신
    rubber shoes
  8. 고무줄
    elastic cord, rubber covered wire
  9. 고민
    agony, anguish, trouble, worry
  10. 고백
    a confession, an acknowledgement, an admission
  11. 고생
    hard life
  12. 고속
    high speed, rapid transit
  13. 고속도로
  14. 고아원
    an orphanage
  15. 고지서
    (send) a notice
  16. 고집
    stubborness, fixation, obsession
  17. 고춧가루
    red pepper
  18. 고층
    high altitude, upper air
  19. 고통
    a pain, anguish, suffering
  20. 곤란
    a difficulty, a hurdle
  21. 골목길
    an alley
  22. 골치 (골치가 아프다)
    brain (have a headache)
  23. a bear
  24. 곱슬머리
    curly hair, frizzy hair
  25. 곳곳 (곳곳에)
    several places (here n there, in several places)
  26. 공공요금
    public utilities charges
  27. 공공장소
    public place
  28. 공동
    a cave, a hollow, a coaction, cooperation
  29. 공동생활
    community living, cohabitation
  30. 공사 (공사를 벌이다)
    company (start/open a business)
  31. 공연장
    performance place
  32. 공장
    factory, public funeral
  33. 공주
    a princess
  34. 공통
    commonness, community
  35. 공통점
    a point of sameness
  36. 공포
    a fear, a terror, a blank cartridge, an official proclamation
  37. 공해
    the open sea, international waters
  38. 과로 (과로로 쓰러지다)
    overwork (collapse from overwork)
  39. 과목
    a fruit tree
  40. 과소비
    conspicuous consumption
  41. 과속
  42. 과식 (과식으로 배탈이 나다)
    overeating (stomac trouble from overeating)
  43. 과외
    extracurricular work
  44. 과음
    excessive drinking, sexual indulgence
  45. 과장
    supervisor, an exaggeration
  46. 과정 (정규 과정)
    cause, process (the regular course)
  47. 과제
    subject, theme
  48. 과학자
    a scientist
  49. 과학적
  50. 관객
    a spectator
  51. 관계자
    the persons concerned, the contract parties
  52. 관광
  53. 관광객
  54. 관광지
    a tourist attraction, tourist resort
  55. 관람
    inspection, viewing
  56. 관람객
    a spectator, a visitor, an audience
  57. 관련
    connection, relation, correlation, association
  58. 관련성
    relation, relevance, relevancy
  59. 관리 (아파트 관리)
    admin, mgmt (apartment management)
  60. 관리실
    mgmt office
  61. 관용어
    official language
  62. 관찰
    observation, view
  63. 광장
    open space
  64. 괴로움
    affliction, anguish, worry, trouble
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