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  1. 교외
    the suburbs, the outskirts
  2. 교육
    education, instruction, training
  3. 교육자
  4. 교육학
  5. 교재
    teaching materials
  6. 교통비
    traffic expenses, carfare
  7. 교통수단
    a means of transportation
  8. 교통편
    transportation, traffic facilities
  9. 교포
    Korean resident abroad
  10. 교환
    exchange, interchange, swap
  11. 구두쇠
    a miser
  12. 구매
    a purchase
  13. 구멍
    a hole
  14. 구별 (남녀 구별)
    a difference (differences between men and women), discrimination
  15. 구분 (구분을 짓다)
    a section, a partition (make a section)
  16. 구성
    the make up, the composition
  17. 구이
    roasted, grilled
  18. 구인
    an arrest
  19. 구입 (물품 구입)
    a purchase (a purchase of a good or article)
  20. 구조 (사회 구조)
    organization, structure (social structure)
  21. 구조대
    a rescue party
  22. 구체적
    concrete, definite, tangible
  23. 국가 (나라)
    a state (country)
  24. 국그릇
    soup dish
  25. 국내선
    domestic air service
  26. 국문학
    study of Korean literature
  27. 국물
    soup broth
  28. 국민
    a nation, a peoples, a citizen
  29. 국악
    traditional Korean music
  30. 국외 (국외 수출)
    overseas (overseas exports)
  31. 국제결혼
    international marriage
  32. 국제선
    international air service
  33. 국화
    Rose of Sharon (nat'l flower of Korea)
  34. 군대
    the army, armed forces
  35. 궁금증
    curiosity, anxiety
  36. 귀걸이
    an earring, a pendant
  37. 귀국
    your country, return home from abroad
  38. 귀신
    a ghost, a departed soul
  39. 규칙적
    systematic, regular
  40. 그네
    those people
  41. 그늘
  42. 그래프
  43. 그룹
  44. 그림책
    picture book
  45. 근로자
    a worker, a laborer, a day wage earner
  46. 근무
    service, duty, work
  47. 근육
    a muscle
  48. 글쓴이
    a writer
  49. 글씨
    a letter, a character, an ideograph
  50. 금 (금, 은, 동)
    gold (gold, silver, bronze)
  51. 금메달
    gold medal
  52. 금액
    an amount of money
  53. 금지
    ban, prohibition
  54. a class, level, caste
  55. 긍정적
  56. 기계
    an instrument, an apparatus, an appliance
  57. 기념
    a commemoration, a remembrance, a memory
  58. 기념관
    a memorial hall
  59. 기념일
    memorial day, day of remembrance
  60. 기념품
    a souvenir, a keepsake
  61. 기능 (사회적 기능)
    function (societal function)
  62. 기도
    a prayer
  63. 기둥
    a pillar, column, post
  64. 기록
    a record, a document
  65. 기본
    a standard, foundation, basis
  66. 기본적
    fundamental, basic, standard
  67. 기부
    the basic foundation, the sub-base
  68. 기쁨
    joy, gladness, delight
  69. 기술
    technique, art
  70. 기술자
    a technical expert, a technician, an engineer, a blue-collar worker
  71. 기억
    memory, recollection
  72. 기억력
    (powers of) memory, retentive faculties
  73. 기업
    start a business
  74. 기운
    strong, forceful
  75. 기준
    a basic, a standard
  76. 기차역
    train station
  77. 기차표
    train ticket
  78. 기행문
  79. 기호
    a taste, a liking, a fancy
  80. 기혼
    a married woman
  81. 기회 (기회를 엿보다)
    an opportunity, chance (wait for a chance)
  82. 기후
    climate, a season (adv: therefore, subsequently, later on)
  83. 긴장감
    a strain
  84. 길가
    the roadside, the wayside
  85. 길거리
    a street, a road
  86. 길이 (길이가 길다)
    length, measure
  87. 김장
    preparing kimchi
  88. 깊이
    depth, deepness, profundity
  89. 깨소금
    sesame seeds
  90. 깻입
    a sesame leaf
  91. 껍질
    bark, rind, peel, skin
  92. 꼬리
    a tail, a tag, a brush
  93. 꼭대기
    the top, the summit, the scalp
  94. 꼴찌
    the last, the bottom, the tail end
  95. 꽃병
    flower vase
  96. honey
  97. 꿀벌
    a honey bee
  98. a string, a cord
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