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    • 가늘다
    • thin, slender, narrow
  1. 가능하다
  2. 가렵다
    itchy, itching
  3. 값싸다
    cheap, low-priced
  4. 강하다
    strong, powerful
  5. 갸름하다
    somewhat long, slender, oval, elongate
  6. 검다
    black, dark, swarthy / scrape-up, gather-up
  7. 게으르다
    lazy, indolent
  8. 고소하다
    sweet, tasty, savory
  9. 고유하다
    specific, peculiar
  10. 공손하다
    polite, courteous
  11. 관계없다
    no connection
  12. 괴롭다
    painful, distressing, bitter
  13. 굉장하다
    grand, magnificent, splendid, superb
  14. 굵다
    big, thick, burly, wide
  15. 궁금하다
    curious, wonder, feel
  16. 귀중하다
    precious, valuable
  17. 귀찮다
    annoying, troublesome
  18. 귀하다
    noble, honorable
  19. 그러하다
    (be) so, such
  20. 그립다
    dear, sweet, beloved, feel yearning for
  21. 깊다
  22. 까다롭다
    complicated, complex, intricate
  23. 깔끔하다
    clean, sleek, smart
  24. 꼼꼼하다
    very careful, methodical, precise, exact
  25. 끊임앖다
    continual, unceasing, uninterrupted
  26. 날씬하다
    slender, delicate (-looking)
  27. 낡다
    old, aged, antiquated
  28. 낫다 (형보다 동생이)
    better than, superior, preferable (to)
  29. 낯설다
    strange, unfamiliar, not acquainted with
  30. 너그럽다
    broad-minded, generous, liberal
  31. 넉넉하다
    enough, sufficient, adequate
  32. 네모나다
    be squared
  33. 놀랍다
    wonderful, marvelous, surprising, alarming
  34. 느긋하다
    quite satisfied (with), well pleased
  35. 느끼하다
    greasy, fatty, oily
  36. 다양하다
    various, diverse, manifold
  37. 다정하다
    tender, warm-hearted
  38. 단단하다
    hard, solid
  39. 단순하다
    simple, plain, uncomplicated
  40. 단정하다
    correct and orderly
  41. 달콤하다
    honeyed, sweet-flavored
  42. 담백하다
    light, plain, simple
  43. 답답하다
    stuffy, stifling, suffocating
  44. 당연하다
    proper, right, just, fair
  45. 대단하다
    many, considerable
  46. 독특하다
    peculiar (to), special, characteristic (of)
  47. 동그랗다
    round, rotund, circular
  48. 동일하다
    the same, identical
  49. 둔하다
    dull, slow, thick, dense
  50. 둥글다
    round, rotund, circular
  51. 뒤늦다
    late, tardy, delayed
  52. 드물다
    rare, uncommon
  53. 든든하딘
    robust, healthy, stout, strong
  54. 딱딱하다
    hard, solid
  55. 똑똑하다
    clear, plain, distinct
  56. 뚜렷하다
    clear, vivid, definite
  57. 뚱뚱하다
    fat, stout
  58. 뛰어나다
    be better than, surpass, excel
  59. 매콤하다
    hot (to the taste), pungent, peppery
  60. 머지않다
    soon, presently, before long
  61. 멋지다
    beautiful, fine, nice, lovely
  62. 명랑하다
    brightness, cheerfulness, gaeity
  63. 목마르다
    be thirsty
  64. 못생기다
    plain, ugly, uncomely
  65. 무덥다
    sultry, sweltering, oppressive heat
  66. 미끄럽다
  67. 믿음직스럽다
    dependable, reliable
  68. 믿음직하다
    reliable, dependable
  69. 밉다
    hateful, detestable, disgusting
  70. 바르다
    honest, upright
  71. 밤늦다
    be late at night
  72. 버릇없다
    ill-mannered, uncivil, impolite
  73. 부끄럽다
    shy, bashful, coy
  74. 부럽다
    (be, feel) enviable
  75. 분명하다
    clear, obvious, distinct, explicit
  76. 불가능하다
  77. 불쌍하다
    poor, pitiable, pitiful
  78. 볽다
    red, ruddy, crimson
  79. 뻔하다
    almost (nearly do), come near

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