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    • 사이좋다
    • on good terms, in peace
  1. 상관없다
    irrelevant, impertinent, unrelated, have no concern
  2. 상쾌하다
    refreshing, reviving, invigorating
  3. 새롭다
    new, novel, fresh, recent
  4. 색다르다
    unusual, uncommon, strange, peculiar
  5. 생생하다
    fresh, lively, lifelike, vivid, sprightly
  6. 서늘하다
    cool, refreshing
  7. 서운하다
    sorry, regrettable, unsatisfied
  8. 서투르다
    unskillful, inexpert, poor, awkward, clumsy
  9. 선선하다
    cool, refreshing
  10. 섭섭하다
    sorry, sad, heartbreaking
  11. 세다 (힘이 세다)
    strong, powerful, mighty
  12. 소심하딘
    timid, weak, cowardly
  13. 소용없다
    useless, fruitless, futile, vain
  14. 소중하다
    important, weighty, significant, valued
  15. 속상하다
    feel sore (about), feel depressed, be troubled
  16. 손쉽다
    easy, simple, light
  17. 솔직하다
    straightforwardness, candor, frankness
  18. 습하다
    damp, moist, wet, humid
  19. 시리다
    cold, chilled
  20. 신기하다
    marvelous, wonderful, supernatural
  21. 신선하다
    fresh, new, green
  22. 심각하다
    serious, grave, keen
  23. 심심하다
    be bored, feel ennui
  24. 싱싱하다
    young and fresh, fresh-looking
  25. 쌀쌀하다 (쌀쌀한 태도)
    chilly, rather cold, cool, distant (person), indifferent (person)
  26. 쑥스럽다
    unbecoming, unseemly, indecent
  27. 쓸데없다
    needless, gratuitous
  28. 쓸쓸하다
    lonely, cheerless
  29. 씩씩하다
    spirited, vivacious, full of life
  30. 아깝다
    regrettable, pitiful, disappointing
  31. 아쉽다
    want for, miss (something), be in need of
  32. 안되다
    must not (do), be forbidden (to)
  33. 안타깝다
    impatient, irritated, nervous in suspense
  34. 약하다
    weak, frail
  35. 얌전하다
    gentle, mild, meek, dovelike
  36. 어떠하다
    how (was it)?
  37. 어색하다
    awkward, self-conscious, ill at ease
  38. 엄격하다
    strict, stern, rigorous
  39. 엄청나다
    exorbinant, unreasonable, preposterous
  40. 엉뚱하다
    pert, saucy, impudent
  41. 여리다
    soft, tender, delicate
  42. 연하다
    adjacent, tender, light, mild
  43. 오래되다
    old, aged, antiquated
  44. 올바르다
    right, rightful, righteous, just
  45. 옳다
    right, rightful
  46. 우아하다
    elegant, graceful, refined
  47. 우울하다
    melancholy, cheerless, gloomy, depressing
  48. 위대하다
    great, mighty, grand
  49. 유쾌하다
    pleasant, marry, delightful
  50. 이러하다
    such, this, of this kind
  51. 아무렇지않다
    I'm okay
  52. 익다 (손에 익다)
    trained, experienced, practiced
  53. 익숙하다
    familiar, accustomed
  54. 일정하다
    fixed, definite, certain
  55. 자세하다
    rely on one's influence, make one's influence felt
  56. 잘나다
    handsome, comely, fine, pretty
  57. 저렇다
    like that, that way
  58. 유창하다
  59. 저렴하다
    it's cheap
  60. 적당하다
    suitably, adequately, properly
  61. 적절하다
    pertinent, fit, proper
  62. 점잖다
    decent, respectable, gentle
  63. 정신없다
    mind, spirit
  64. 정확하다
    accurate, precise, exact
  65. 지겹다
    disgusting, loathsome, repulsive
  66. 지나치다
    go too far, be too much, exceed bounds
  67. 지루하다
    be bored, feel weary
  68. 지저분하다
    filthy, foul, smutty, dirty (-looking)
  69. 진하다
    dark, deep, saturated
  70. 짙다
    dense, thick, gross
  71. 차다
    cold, chilly, icey, frosty
  72. 차분하다
    calm, quiet, tranquil
  73. 충분하다
    enough, sufficient
  74. 캄캄하다
  75. 커다랗다
    huge, great, mammoth, gigantic
  76. 탁하다 (공기가 탁하다)
    cloudy, hazy
  77. 특별하다
    special, ad hoc
  78. 튼튼하다
    strong, solid, stout, sturdy
  79. 틀림없다
    correct, exact, mistake free
  80. 편안하다
    safe, secure, restful, peaceful
  81. 편찮다
    uncomfortable, uneasy
  82. 평범하다
    common, ordinary, banal
  83. 포근하다
    comfortably warm, snug
  84. 푸르다
    blue, azure
  85. 풍부하다
    abundant, plentiful, rich
  86. 한가하다
    free, disengaged, have no work to do
  87. 해롭다
    harmful, injurious, detrimental
  88. 험하다
    rough, rude, harsh, careless
  89. 화려하다
    splendid, gallant, brilliant
  90. 화창하다
    beautiful, balmy, splendid
  91. 확실하다
    certain, sure, positive
  92. 활발하다
    lively, sprightly, spirited, rousing
  93. 황당하다
    absurdity, nonsense
  94. 훌륭하다
    fine, handsome, nice, excellent
  95. 흔하다
    abundant, plentiful, rich, ample
  96. 희다
    white, fair
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