auditory brainstem evoked response

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  1. what is an auditory evoked response
    • a response from within the auditory system that is produced or stimulated by an acoustic stimulus
    • electrodes placed on mastoid, forehead
  2. what to look for when conducting a test
    • pattern-repicable and repeatable
    • timing-latency, if timing is there and there is a longer latency you know there is a conductive component
    • amp-size of wave, if amp is small you will have a harder time catching it
    • site specific
  3. when looking at an ABR waveform what do waves one through 5 mean
    • wave i=distal portion of 8th nerve
    • wave ii=proximal portion
    • wave iii=cochlear nucleus
    • wave iv=superior olivary complex
    • wave v=lateral leminscus
    • we use wave 5
    • 4/5 are always connected
  4. ABR is not
    • its a guess at where the hearing is
  5. cochlear nucleus
    • located in cerebellopontine angle (junction of pons, medulla and cerebellum
    • only aferent input is ipsilateral
  6. superior olivary complex
    • multiple groups of nuclei
    • major relay station
    • binaural listening
    • reflex arc in acoustic reflex
  7. lateral lemiscus
    • primary auditory pathway
    • ascending and descending neural fibers
  8. inferior colliculus
    • one of the largest and most identifiable auditory structures of the brainstem
    • tonotopic organization of fibers (sharp tuning curve)
  9. ASSR
    • auditory steady state response
    • simultaneous freq testingĀ 
    • based on the assumption that if the brain can detect modulation of the stimulus, it can detect the stimulus itself
    • estimates of thresholds
    • computer picks criteria for acceptance, not examiner
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