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  1. what is the threshold
    threshold for any stimulus is the lowest quantity that elicits a certain response
  2. what is the history of the newborn screening
    • 1950s=hit a cowbell over the infants head
    • 1960s=warble tone at 3000 hz
    • crib-o-gram=motion sensing device (record babies movement when sound in the nursery
    • aud brainstem response=abr
    • oae screening
  3. what is used when testing children
    • headphones, inserts
    • bone conduction
    • sound field (booth)
  4. air conduction
    • when possible test using insert or headphones
    • allows thresh to be obtained for each ear (bi or unilateral loss)
    • gives most accurate assessment of hearing levels
  5. what is the purpose of conducting bone conduction
    • to determine patients sensorineural sensitivity
    • bone conduction placement
    •     -mastoid process (have to find the sweet spot)
    •     -forehead
  6. sound field testing
    • stimulus presented through loud speakers
    • freq modulated sounds (warble tone)
    • difficulty knowing which ear is responding (better ear thresh were obtained at ____(not sure which ear is responding))
    • very sensitive to ambient noise
  7. as the system matures what happens to recognizing sound
    db goes down
  8. behavioral testing
    • 5 to 7 months of age 
    • signal can also be speech, white noise or warble tone
    • usually looking for head trun
    • usually use some type of visual response as a reward
    • if child can not use head turn look for changes in behavior
    •      -crying when tone present
    •      -continuation or stopping of bottle feeding
  9. conditioned orientating response or visual reinforced audiometry
    • signal can also be speech, narrow band or warble tone
    • visual stimulus is presented after appropriate head turn response
    • delays habituation to tone presentations
    • preferable to have two audiologists for testing or us an assistant
  10. play audiometry
    • used with children above 2 years of age
    • child makes a conditioned response (dropping a peg) when a tone is presented
    • best accepted method-serves as 
    •     -visible response for audiologist
    •     -reinforcement for child
    • child is not allowed ot play if inappropriate response is made
    • child is first trained to make a conditioned response
    • followed by threshold seeking period
    • use with up to 7 year olds

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