Repro Lab Midterm

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  1. Image Upload
    • 1.Parenchyma
    • 3.Mediastinum
  2. What tubes are found in the Parenchyma?
    • Seminiferous Tubules: Where sertoli Cells are found
    • Interstitial Compartment: where leydig cells are found
  3. What tubes are found in the Mediastinum?
    • Rete Testis (Rete Tubule): connect seminiferous tubules to effert ducts
    • Efferent Ducts: Connect rete testis to head of epididymis
  4. What cells are found in the Parenchyma?
    • Sertoli Cells: Develop male gamete 
    • Leydig Cells: Produce testosterone
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    • 1. Ovary (Follicle)
    • 2. Broad Ligament 
    • 3.Uterus
  6. What are the 3 parts of the oviduct and their location?
    • 1. Infundibulum: End of Oviduct
    • 2. Ampulla: Closer to Infundibulum 
    • 3. Isthmus: From Ampulla to Uterus
  7. What are the functions of the 3 parts of the oviduct?
    • Infundibulum: First picks up the egg
    • Ampulla: Site of fertilization 
    • Isthmus: thinner portion
  8. What is the Broad Ligament?
    • Suspensory tissue that supports the female reproductive tract
    • Houses vascular network, lymphatic drainage, and nerves
  9. What are the 3 components of the Broad Ligament and what do they support?
    • Mesovarium: Supports ovary 
    • Mesosalpinx: Supports oviduct 
    • Mesometrium: Supports uterus
  10. What are the 4 Ovarian Structures?
    • 1. Follicle
    • 2. Corpus Hemorrhagicum
    • 3. Corpus Luteum
    • 4. Corpus Albicans
  11. What hormone does the Follicle produce and what is its function?
    • Estrogen
    • Contains Oocyte
  12. What hormone does Corpus Luteum produce?
  13. Image Upload
    • 1. Anterior Pituitary 
    • 2. Posterior Pituitary
  14. What are the 3 centers of the Hypothalamus?
    • 1. Surge Center
    • 2. Tonic Center
    • 3. Paraventricular Nucleus (PVN)
  15. What hormone is produced from the Surge and Tonic Centers of the Hypothalamus?
  16. What Hormone is release from the PVN of the hypothalamus?
  17. What hormones are produced from the Anterior Pituitary Gland?
    FSH and LH
  18. What hormones are released from the Posterior Pituitary Gland?
    Oxytocin (stored and released but produced in PVN)
  19. Image Upload
    • 1. Oviduct 
    • 2. Cervix
  20. What is the function of the Cervix?
    • Passageway for sperm following breeding
    • Secretory organ
    • Seals off uterus in pregnancy 
    • Passageway for fetus at birth
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    • 1. Corpus Luteum 
    • 2. Uterus 
    • 3. Follicle
    • 4. Cervix
    • 5. Vagina 
    • Species: Cow
  22. What is the function of the Uterus?
    • Passage way for sperm
    • Secretory organ 
    • Houses developing embryo/fetus
  23. What are the 3 layers (from outside to in) of the Uterus and what are their functions?
    • 1. Perimetrium: Protection
    • 2. Myometrium: Contraction for sperm movement and birth
    • 3. Endometrium: Houses carnucles and glands
  24. What is the function of the Vagina?
    • Receives penis during Copulation
    • Secretes small amounts of mucus 
    • Passageway for fetus at birth
  25. Image Upload
    • 1. Layers of Testicular Capsule 
    • 2. Mediastinum 
    • 3. Parenchyma
  26. What are the 2 layers of the Testicular Capsule?
    • 1. Visceral Vaginal Tunica 
    • 2. Tunica Albuginea
  27. What is the pathway of sperm in the male tract?
    • Seminiferous Tubules
    • Rete Tubules 
    • Efferent Duct
    • Head of Epididymis 
    • Body of Epididymis 
    • Tail of Epididymis 
    • Vas Deferens 
    • Urethra
  28. Image Upload
    Is this a sow or a gilt? How do you know the difference?
    Gilt: Has a smaller reproductive tract and the ovaries have less structures present on them
  29. What is the function of the Vulva?
    • Passageway for urine 
    • Receptor for penis during copulation 
    • Passageway for fetus during birth
    • Protection - prevents material from environment from entering tract
  30. What are the functions the the Epididymis?
    • Receive sperm from testis
    • Transports sperm to urethra
  31. What are the 3 parts of the Epididymis and their functions?
    • 1. Head: Receive sperm from testes; Concentrates sperm
    • 2. Body: Sperm maturation 
    • 3. Tail: Sperm storage
  32. What does the Testes produce?
    • Produce male gamete
    • Produces testosterone
  33. What are the 3 parts of Spermatic Cord?
    • 1. Pampiniform Plexus
    • 2. Cremaster Muscle
    • 3. Vas Deferens
  34. What are the functions of the Spermatic Cord?
    • Provide attachment and support of the testis to the body
    • Provide vascular, nervous, and lymphatic connection to body
    • Heat exchange
    • Pulse pressure eliminator
  35. What are functions of the Paniform Plexus?
    • Heat exchange
    • Hormone Exchange
  36. What are functions of the Cremaster Muscle?
    • Aid in temperature control 
    • Primary muscle supporting the testis 
    • *Not responsible for long-term raising
  37. What are the functions of the Vas Deferens?
    • Transport sperm
    • Non-excited: Steady smooth contractions
    • Excited: Increase contractions (strength and number)
  38. What is the function of the Urethra?
    Transport of sperm from vas deferens to the outside environment
  39. What are 3 glands in the Male?
    • 1. Vesicular Glands (seminal vesicles) 
    • 2. Prostate Glands
    • 3. Bulbourethral Glands
  40. What is the function of Vesicular Glands?
    Add volume to ejaculate
  41. What are the functions of the Prostate Gland?
    • Secrete fluid to clean and lubricate urethra 
    • Add small amount of volume to semen
  42. What is the function of the Bulbourethral Glands?
    Produce viscous secretion that will cause seminal plasma to coagulate following ejaculation
  43. What is the function of the Penis?
    Male organ of copulation
  44. What is the Sigmoid Flexure?
    Part of Penis that has a S-shaped configuration
  45. What are Retractor Penile Muscles?
    • Found in the Sigmoid Flexure
    • Relaxed state: Contracted
    • Excited State: Extended, relaxed
  46. What is the function of the Vestibule?
    Common area for reproductive and urinary system
  47. What are the general functions of the Male Glands?
    • Aid in transportation of sperm through Urethra 
    • Adds volume to ejaculate 
    • Aids in viability/ motility in female tract
  48. Image Upload
    • A: Vesticular Gland
    • B: Prostate Gland
    • C: Bulbourethral Gland 
    • D: Retractor Penile Muscle 
    • E: Body of Epididymis 
    • F: Tail of Epididymis 
    • G: Head of Epididymis 
    • H: Testis
    • I: Spermatic Cord 
    • J: Cremaster Muscle 
    • K: Vas Deferens 
    • L: Bladder
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