Forming Definitions

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  1. Contradictory Opposition
    - leaves nothing out, has no overlap; red and not-red
  2. Contrary Opposition
    - leaves things out; red and white
  3. Nominal Definitions; Conventional Definition; Etymological Definition;  Stipulative Definition
    - define the word;

     - what we have agreed upon as the meaning of the word; found in dictionaries; uses synonyms: Human: any individual of the genus Homo, esp. a member of the species Homo sapiens. ( 

    - looks at the source of the term linguistically, based on its roots in the same or other languages: Human: c.1250, from M.Fr. humain "of or belonging to man," from L. humanus, probably related to homo (gen. hominis) "man," and to humus "earth," on notion of "earthly beings," as opposed to the gods (cf. Heb. adam "man," from adamah "ground"). (

     - agreed upon for the sake of argument: Human: let’s say for the sake of argument that a human is defined as a laughing animal.
  4. Real Definitions;  Essential Definition; Descriptive Definition; Extrinsic Cause; Material Cause
    - define the thing in its nature.

     - genus + specific difference; same as species Human - rational animal 

     - (genus) + properties or accidents Human - a thing with two legs, 10 fingers, smiles at times… 

    - defines according to the thing’s maker or purpose Hammer - a thing made to hit stuff with 

    - defines according to the matter a thing is made of Human - a bunch of water, carbon, fat, bones, etc.
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